August 20, 2015 - Deutsches Architektur Zentrum DAZ, Bureau des arts plastiques - In Extenso – Erweitert: A SPACE IS A SPACE IS A SPACE
August 20, 2015

In Extenso – Erweitert: A SPACE IS A SPACE IS A SPACE

Jason Dodge. © Jean Vong.

In Extenso – Erweitert:

September 11–November 8, 2015

Opening: Thursday, September 10, 7pm

Deutsches Architektur Zentrum DAZ
Köpenicker Straße 48/49
10179 Berlin

An exhibition, lecture and performance program presented by the Bureau des arts plastiques et de l’architecture and the Deutsches Architektur Zentrum DAZ.

Curators: Karima Boudou / Céline Poulin / Agnès Violeau

Spatial Concept: Jean-Pascal Flavien

Artistic direction: Marc Bembekoff (Curator), Matthias Böttger (DAZ), Cathy Larqué (Bureau des arts plastiques, Institut français)

Heiner Farwick (President of the Association of German Architects (BDA)), Cathy Larqué (Institut français) and the curators will deliver a speech at the opening, followed by the launch of art and literature magazine JBCQVF and a performance by Lyllie Rouvière with Hanna Kritten Tangsoo.

In Extenso – Erweitert, a collaborative project presented by the Bureau des arts plastiques et de l’architecture and the Deutsches Architektur Zentrum DAZ, poses the question: “How to rethink space and matter?” The young curators program Jeunes Commissaires, invited the French curators Karima Boudou, Céline Poulin and Agnès Violeau to work with artists, architects and writers to explore this question at the intersection of art and architecture. In 2014, a first discussion series made their working processes and curatorial approaches visible and public.

A SPACE IS A SPACE IS A SPACE is a performative and narrative exhibition meant to probe notions of social context, public space and performance as possible discursive platforms. It orchestrates a polyphony of perspectives relating to staged realities: the physical space of the DAZ, the urban environment on the banks of the river Spree, the Internet and editorial practice.

Mind The Gap
curated by Céline Poulin

Peggy Buth / Natalie Czech / Alicia Frankovich / Jean-Pascal Flavien / Markus Miessen / Joanne Pouzenc / Clémence de la Tour du Pin / Vanessa Safavi

The spatial arrangement designed by Jean-Pascal Flavien, which consists of an exhibition surface and a projection, connects the exhibition space with the digital space Mind the gap. The flexible and inclusive digital space presents artistic, critical, graphic and architectural proposals, as well as their physical equivalents within the exhibition—thus promoting an antagonistic concept of space extending beyond oppositions such as public/private, real/virtual and inside/outside. Following the logic of comic-book theorist Scott McCloud, the meaning lies in the gap between two images, in the space interval itself.

J’aime beaucoup ce que vous faites – Extra Issue
curated by Agnès Violeau

Hannah Arendt / Kader Attia / Rosa Barba / Nina Beier & Marie Lund / Laetitia Bénat / Natalie Czech / Jason Dodge / Alicia Frankovich / Jean-Pascal Flavien / Rainer Ganahl / Christian Jankowski / Thomas Locher / Joanne Pouzenc / Michael Riedel / Dennis Rudolph / Éric Stephany / Rosemarie Trockel / Tris Vonna-Michell

This special edition of art and literature magazine JBCQVF operates as a resistance actor, laying out the creation process, the archaeology of the work, and the plasticity of language. The invited artists, architects, writers and performers designed a specific project or offered a work in progress that explores issues of public speech and performance. The publication explicitly addresses concepts such as participatory democracy, anthropological space and “idleness” as described by Giorgo Agamben. Some of the documentations will be activated/performed by their authors or by the audience, adding a new dimension to editing of a possible amateur collaboration. 

Supported by Galerie Michel Rein (Paris / Brussels) and Galerie Oliver Robert (Paris)

The Broken Sentence
curated by Karima Boudou

Jimmie Durham / Joanne Pouzenc

In dialogue with the spatial arrangement, the artist, poet and activist Jimmie Durham will tell a narration that takes its inspiration from the banks of the river Spree near the DAZ. Rosa Luxemburg once told her opponents, “Your ‘order’ is built on sand.” What is the relevance of that statement today beyond her tragic relationship to the Spree? The architect Joanne Pouzenc will stage an intervention at the DAZ, creating an architectural and spatial affinity between the river Spree and the space of the project. What form of poetry, animism and collapse of rationality may emerge?

Side events

September 24
7 pm
Performance of Public Apology by Dennis Rudolph
Performance simultaneously transmitted in the exhibition space

October 19
6 pm
Reading group with Joanne Pouzenc
Readings will focus on forgotten revolutionary movements related to the alternative communities that set up along the river Spree

8 pm
Screening of The Diggers by Ali Cherri
Screening followed by a discussion with the artist on his research on archaeology in the Arab World

November 8
7 pm
Lecture by Jason Dodge
Narrative lecture reflecting speech and public space

Press contact:
Bureau N, Silke Neumann
T +49 30 62 73 61 02 / silke.neumann [​at​] 

In Extenso – Erweitert: A SPACE IS A SPACE IS A SPACE at Deutsches Architektur Zentrum DAZ
Deutsches Architektur Zentrum DAZ, Bureau des arts plastiques
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