July 6, 2015 - International Biennial Association (IBA) - Milan Triennale to host 3rd General Assembly
July 6, 2015

Milan Triennale to host 3rd General Assembly

Photo courtesy of La Triennale di Milano.

Milan Triennale to host 3rd General Assembly of IBA


The International Biennial Association (IBA) is pleased to announce that its 3rd General Assembly will be held in Milan, Italy, coinciding with the 2016 Milan Triennale. Set to take place in May 2016, the four-day event will focus on biennial discourses, with the main theme of planning, design and the development of a global market. A public conference will be held featuring lectures, panels and round tables, all focusing on the central theme and expanding to include contemporary art, architecture and communication.  

Full details will be released shortly.  

Connect with an IBA Membership
Though the main conference will be open to the public, IBA members receive more advantages during the General Assembly and all year round. During the General Assembly, IBA members are invited to the members-only welcome dinner, the main member conference and other members-only events. Members are able to connect online through the IBA website’s Interactive Space, in which they have the opportunity to network, communicate ideas and work together toward a common goal. Additionally, all IBA members receive a membership card that grants access to all events organized by the IBA as well as free admission to those institutions participating in our free admission program. 

The three member categories include Individual, Institutional and Associate. Individual and Institutional members are able to vote for IBA representatives. All members are encouraged to be active participants of the association. 

Applications are accepted through the IBA website

Connect with an IBA membership today and watch the world of biennials come alive. 

Executive Board
President: Yongwoo Lee (Shanghai Project)
Vice President: Bige Örer (Istanbul Biennial)
Interim Vice President: Sally Tallant (Liverpool Biennial)

Board Members (Listed alphabetically)
Alia Swastika (Jogja Biennale)
Alya Sebti (Marrakech Biennale)
Elke aus dem Moore (ifa – Institute for International Cultural Relations)
Eriko Osaka (Yokohama Triennale)
Gabriele Horn (Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art)
Helena Kontova (Prague Biennale)
Hong-Hee Kim (Media City Seoul Biennale)
Sheikha Hoor Al-Qasimi (Sharjah Art Foundation)
Margarita Gonzalez (Havana Biennial)
Mauro Petroni (Dakar Biennale)
Patrick Mudekereza (Lubumbashi Biennale)
Tan Boon Hui (Singapore Biennale)
Zhang Qing (International Biennial Research Center) 

For inquiries, please contact: info [​at​] biennialassociation.org

International Biennial Association (IBA)
111 Biennale-ro, 3rd Floor, Buk-gu, Gwangju, Republic of Korea  500-845
T +82 62 608 4132 / F +82 62 608 4139

The IBA’s 3rd General Assembly is co-organized by the IBA in collaboration with La Triennale di Milano.

Milan Triennale to host 3rd General Assembly of IBA
International Biennial Association (IBA)
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