June 28, 2015 - Cabinet - Issue 56 out now
June 28, 2015

Issue 56 out now

Cabinet magazine issue 56, with a special section on “Sports,” available now

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We inaugurate the games with:
Leland de la Durantaye on Roger Federer as the Achilles and Odysseus of the tennis arena
D. Graham Burnett’s roundtable with four erudite sports balls eager to share their points of view 
–Carlin Wing on how rubber and bounce from the New World came to dominate sports
Stefan Helmreich on body surfing and the dream of being “one with the wave”
Hal Foster on the sacrificial ritual that lies at the heart of soccer
Christopher J. Phillips on the rise of data and statistics in baseball
and Jeffrey Kastner on the arts and literature competitions that were once part of the Olympic Games

And then we train for the cultural marathon with:
Carol Mavor on “middleness” as an aesthetic strategy
Charlie Fox on ethereal Buster Keaton’s long tumble toward oblivion
–Matthea Harvey on the color off-white
Adam Jasper on the Southern plantation–style homes built in Liberia by former slaves
–Sasha Archibald on the early modern custom of wearing decorative facial patches
Augusto Corrieri on the fate of a Munich theater packed away for safety during World War II
–Mary Kosut and Lisa Jean Moore on local responses to the global trade in tainted honey
Rachel Poliquin on biologists’ strange technique for determining the species of any given beaver
Wayne Koestenbaum‘s farewell “Legend” column
–Santiago Borja‘s cut-out artist project on the Rothko Chapel
–And more, including the new installment of Kiosk, our quarterly notebook

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Cabinet issue 56 out now
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