June 8, 2015 - TEXTE ZUR KUNST - Issue no. 98: "Media"
June 8, 2015

Issue no. 98: "Media"

June 2015 / issue no. 98

“Medien / Media”


Issue #98 of TEXTE ZUR KUNST takes “Media” as its theme: not just in terms of “new media, “post-Net,” or the digital realm, but as a category that exceeds the hardware and software that we objectively call “tech.” What if, rather than writing a social history of media, we thought through media to read our social sphere? Are not the gestures we make in passing, the way we mimic each other’s profiles, entering and exiting the codes of so many micro-communities, kinds of technology too? What if we embraced the vagueness and heterogeneity of the word precisely for the net of connections and influences it lays bare? 

Inviting in the ghost of Friedrich Kittler and speaking to the notion of “cultural techniques,” this issue of TEXTE ZUR KUNST addresses “media” via the nexus of its fraught theoretical legacy—’90s techno-determinism versus the biopolitical forces of capital in the social field—recombining the fallout as a framework for rethinking contemporary relations of body, class, and power and their entrenched systems of critique.

Main section (in English and German):
Alina Astrova
“Unbearable Lightness: Thumbelina Goes to the Club” 

“Do Media Determine our Situation?”
Reflections on the transatlantic reception of Friedrich Kittler by Isabelle Graw, Reinhold Martin, and André Rottmann

Ute Holl
“Media Theory (or, and, despite) a Theory of Cultural Techniques”

Klaus Theweleit 
“Book of Kings: Recording Angels’ Mysteries,” excerpt with introduction by Michael Sanchez 

Karin Harrasser
Koine Aisthesis: Probing the Deep Tissue of Tactile Media”

Harry Burke
“Page Break”

Kerstin Stakemeier
“Exchangeables: Aesthetics against Art”

Jutta Koether

Proxy: Peter Sotos in conversation

Hannah Black
“Social Life”

Reviews (partial listing)
Martin Saar on Armen Avanessian’s Überschrift. Ethik des Wissens – Poetik der Existenz (German)

Andrew Hultkrans on Brett Morgen’s Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck (English) 

Aram Lintzel on Dirk von Lowtzow & René Pollesch’s opera at the Volksbühne, Berlin (German)

Barbara Vinken on Chanel’s runway (German)

Pablo Larios on David Lieske at Mumok, Vienna (English)

Julia Gelshorn on Rosemarie Trockel at Kunsthaus Bregenz (German)

Tess Edmonson on Björk at the Museum of Modern Art, New York (English)

Manfred Hermes on Walter Dahn at Sprüth Magers, Berlin (German)

Alex Kitnick on Hito Steyerl at Artists Space, New York (English)

Andrew Durbin on Karl Holmqvist at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, New York (English)

Gunter Reski on late Rembrandt at the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam (German)

Josefine Wikströmon Mierle Landerman Ukeles at Marabouparken Konsthall, Sundbyberg, and Konsthall C, Farsta, Sweden (English) 

And more

Plus artists’ editions by:
Olaf Nicolai
Tobias Zielony
Heimo Zobernig

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