November 20, 2019 - European Architecture Students Assembly - SESAM 2020
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November 20, 2019
November 20, 2019

European Architecture Students Assembly

Slavutych, August 2019, Slavutych, Ukraine. Photo: Alexandra Polyakova. Collage: Mariia Pastukh.


SESAM 2020
May 28–June 7, 2020
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250 young architects from Europe and beyond will come to Slavutych, Northern Ukraine, for 10 days. During the event, participants will inhabit an abandoned hospital in the city centre. Around 30 workshops, run by architectural students and young professionals, will tackle the theme healthcare in relation to architecture. Workshops will be selected by an open call and may vary from design and construction to theoretic research and conceptual art. Theme is massively based on the context: Post-soviet Eastern Europe. Being in transition since 1991, it is in a continuous state of uncertainty and identity crisis, often disconnected with the past. At the same time, focusing on global issues such as environmental crisis aligned with mass migration.

Slavutych was built to rehouse workers from the contaminated zone of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The closure of CNPP meant the crash of the modernist utopian dream in this (post)-atomic town. In the time of undergoing identity disintegration, we need to turn to Slavutych architectural past to establish its future legacy.

Poliklinika, city’s main hospital, shut its doors in 2014. It is now an abandoned ruin in the heart of the city, which was once a prime example of late modernist architecture designed to heal the trauma of those most affected by the radioactive cloud.  As a space of a healthcare—maintenance or improvement of health, and a symbol or the last Soviet utopia—too ambitious to be ever finished—hospital will be the base camp and a starting point of the event.

Tutor call (December) and Participant call (February) will be announced shortly on SESAM 2020 Poliklinika website and our social media.

EASA: European Architecture Students Assembly

EASA: is an educational platform connecting students and professionals within the discipline of architectural construction and thought Europe. It exists as a decentralized organisation, which is not ruled by a board but through its national representatives, who are equal in rights and located throughout the continent. EASA is organised by students for students, and therefore creates a unique educational platform where the participants get to live a novel cultural experience.

SESAM: Small European Students of Architecture Meeting

European Architecture Students Assembly
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