November 4, 2019 - arc en rêve centre d'architecture - Call for applications: Director
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November 4, 2019
November 4, 2019

arc en rêve centre d'architecture

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Call for applications: Director
December 20, 2019

arc en rêve centre d'architecture
7 rue Ferrère
33000 Bordeaux
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In 2020 arc en rêve centre d’architecture will celebrate its 40 years old.
 Established in 1980 in Bordeaux, arc en rêve aims to build an architectural culture shared with all those involved in creating cities: council officials, professionals, intellectuals, and residents both young and old.

Both global and local, its identity is rooted in a programme devoted to showcasing both outstanding architectural work and the quality of ordinary architecture, focusing on the way they relate to modes of use and social issues. 
This strategy has made arc en rêve into a fully-fledged institution. A major centre showcasing worldwide cultural architectural output, it also contributes to quality local planning initiatives in Bordeaux and the Nouvelle‐Aquitaine region and help to raise their profile further afield.

arc en rêve  centre d'architecture is located within the Entrepôt Lainé, sharing spaces with the capc Museum of Contemporary Art.

Application deadline: Friday December 20, 2019 
Candidates are invited to send their application (Curriculum Vitae + cover letter) by post mail to the following address:
Monsieur le Président d’arc en rêve  centre d’architecture
7 rue Ferrère
33000 Bordeaux
Or via email to the following address: applications [​at​]  

The role of the new director will be: 
-to run the overall project
-to design its cultural and artistic orientations
-to run the events programme
-to be in charge of the administrative and financial management of the center, 
she, he will also be expected to adopt a forward-thinking approach to the institutional evolution of arc en rêve, liaising closely with the governing board.

Overall project development strategy
The director will define and implement a development strategy for the cultural project of the architecture centre / foster and develop relationships with local and national professional networks and international cultural, intellectual and academic networks / represent arc en rêve at home and abroad / take part in symposia, conferences and publications / foster national and international recognition of the activities of the centre / carry out a strategy to seek additional resources (sponsorships and partnerships) / encourage synergies with the art museum.

Cultural and artistic orientations
The director’s role will involve gathering intelligence on new approaches to producing, designing and disseminating architecture / developing world-class projects devoted to architecture, the landscape, and urban and rural living environments / promoting and supporting creative architecture and planning initiatives across the metropolitan area / identifying and highlighting the qualities of the local architectural scene / adopting a multi-facetted approach to architecture as it relates to social issues.

The programme
The director will run the centre's programme:
exhibitions, educational initiatives, experimental projects, lectures, symposia, round tables, publications, and all other forms of cultural output.

Administrative duties
Duties will include team management; administrative and financial management.
And, in collaboration with the director of the capc Museum, coordinating dialogue between the arc en rêve and capc teams.
He or she will work with the capc to improve the operation of the Entrepôt Lainé as a whole, in particular through the coordinated sharing of its spaces and certain technical functions.

Profile and skills

Experience in the relevant field
In-depth knowledge of architecture at a local, national and international level.
Experience of managing a cultural institution (project management, admin and budget, HR).
Experience in running teams involved in project design and implementation.
Experience in implementing visitor development strategies.

Robust knowledge of administrative organisation of public institutions, in particular local and regional authorities.

The candidate should have a network made up of high-profile individuals and institutions in the fields of architecture, planning and landscape. He or she should have a high profile within this network, and be able to mobilise its members.

Other skills
An ability to embody the cultural project of the centre and represent it locally, nationally, and internationally. An ability to innovate.
Fluency in both French and English is essential.

Find out more about the role here

arc en rêve centre d'architecture
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