February 28, 2015 - Art Basel - Miami Beach 2015: Apply now for Galleries, Edition, Nova, Positions and Survey sectors
February 28, 2015

Miami Beach 2015: Apply now for Galleries, Edition, Nova, Positions and Survey sectors

Art Basel’s 2015 show in Miami Beach:
Applications now online for Galleries, Edition, Nova, Survey and Positions sectors.​
March 24, 2015


From December 3 to 6, 2015, Art Basel will stage the 14th edition of its show in Miami Beach, the premier art fair in the Americas. The show will feature more than 250 leading galleries from North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia, displaying works by more than 4,000 artists of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Art Basel is currently accepting applications to five sectors: Galleries, Edition, Nova, Survey, and Positions. To support galleries with a focus on new artistic content and talent, Art Basel has expanded and more clearly defined its guidelines for the Positions sector (details below). Exhibitors for each sector will be selected by Art Basel’s selection committee for Miami Beach.

Galleries is the main exhibition sector of Art Basel, where leading art galleries for Modern and contemporary art display 20th- and 21st-century artworks. The galleries in the sector must be at least three years old and apply with their overall program, while also outlining their concept for a booth at the show.

Edition represents an exclusive selection of the leading publishers of editioned works, exhibiting the results of their collaborations with renowned international artists. Galleries must be at least three years old.

Nova focuses on recent artistic production. The booth may feature works from either one, two or three artists represented by the gallery. It often features never-before-seen pieces fresh from the artist’s studio and strong juxtapositions. The works displayed must have been created in 2013, 2014 or 2015. The sector is open to galleries that have existed for two or more years.

Survey presents precise art historical projects that may include solo presentations by an individual artist, or juxtapositions and thematic exhibits from artists representing a range of cultures, generations, and artistic approaches. Projects must have been produced prior to the year 2000. Survey has no minimum age limit for the galleries applying.

Positions allows for the discovery of interesting new talents by providing galleries with a platform to present one emerging artist with one major project. Positions requires no minimum gallery age in order to apply. Proposals must comprise a single project (of one or more pieces) by one artist represented by the gallery. All artworks exhibited in Positions must be part of the proposed project.

Nota Bene: As before, the Art Basel selection committee’s preference will continue to be given to projects specifically created for the Art Basel show in Miami Beach, by emerging artists in the international art world. Nonetheless, artists who have been spotlighted at other international art fairs (including Art Basel’s other editions) or at major institutions, will be considered. However, the proposed artwork must be an entirely new body of work, significantly different from what has been exhibited before in such international contexts.

Application forms outlining the procedures and relevant costs for each of these sectors may be downloaded  here.

The application deadline for all sectors is March 24, 2015.

For further details regarding the show or application procedures, please contact our Gallery & Project Manager team: applications [​at​] artbasel.com 

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