February 17, 2015 - Nam June Paik Art Center - TV is TV
February 17, 2015

TV is TV

TV is TV
29 January–21 June 2015

Nam June Paik Art Center
10 Paiknamjune-ro Giheung-gu
Yongin-si Gyeonggi-do
446-905 Korea

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As a parody of “The Medium is the Message,” an expression coined by Marshall McLuhan, WGBH produced The Medium is the Medium by commissioning six artists including Nam June Paik to create video works for TV broadcast. This title implies that Paik and other artists intended to take a step further than McLuhan, while agreeing with his view that the medium plays a crucial role in delivering a message rather than just containing information. Through the repetition of the same word, the phrase suggests that the medium is not only the message, but also everything in itself and that it changes the entire condition of our life. The title of this exhibition TV is TV was created by applying TV, the most important medium for Paik, to his idea about the medium.

Paik brought out new possibilities from televisions in order to use them as a medium of art. Since he presented experimental televisions responding to the audience’s gestures and sounds in his first solo exhibition in 1963, he had shown various ways of utilizing television. For Paik, a television was a sensuous experimental tool, a pathway for a real-time intervention, a component for making robots and instruments and a broadcasting environment transmitted to millions of people simultaneously, transgressing a simple receiver of information. This exhibition named TV is TV featuring a wide range of collection of the Nam June Paik Art Center is classified based on the characteristics of television into four sections—TV as Experiment, TV as Live and Play, TV as Body, and TV as Broadcasting—for an easier comparison of Paik’s diverse ways of utilizing televisions.

Nam June Paik, David Atwood, Manfred Montwé, Joseph Beuys, Ira Schneider, Jud Yalkut, Peter Moore

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Curated by Sohyun Ahn and Sooyoung Lee

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Nam June Paik Art Center presents TV is TV
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