December 10, 2019 - Kontakt Collection - Announcing the new website
December 10, 2019

Kontakt Collection

© Kontakt & Atelier Liska Wesle

Announcing the new website

After 15 years of existence, Kontakt has relaunched its website design. Up to now, the website has been intended merely to document Kontakt’s activities. However, the demands of recent years have necessitated a new graphic design and better usability. The general focus of Kontakt is on a transgeographic vision of art that takes an interest in spaces less as physical sites of production and more in their potential for interacting on the level of content. With this new website, an archive has also been created—a memory database that functions as an expression of its time and of its artists’ biographical experience.

Kontakt emphasizes on Central, Eastern, and Southeastern European artistic activity that has accompanied the social developments of the past decades and been contributing significant works to European art since the late 1950s. Kontakt aims to collect works and archival documents that play an integral role within European art history and its neo-avant-garde tendencies while also claiming an exceptional status within a politically heterogeneous terrain. A further objective is to function as a research tool that helps international scholars and curators gain more insight concerning specific fields of interest, providing information about the individual artworks both online and via publications and exhibition projects in order to facilitate the works’ circulation as important art-historical testimonies.

Kontakt Collection
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