December 5, 2014 - Sàn Art - Benefit Art Auction: "Thresholds of Motion"
December 5, 2014

Benefit Art Auction: "Thresholds of Motion"

Image: (first slide): The Propeller Group, Collision: Urban Sporty Mover, 2014. (Seventh slide): Dinh Q Le, Fragile Springs (Libya), 2012; animation with thanks to Ms Nhung Le and Mr Hoang Nam Viet. 

Sàn Art Benefit Art Auction
“Thresholds of Motion”

4–18 December 2014

Sàn Art
3 Me Linh
District Binh Thanh
Ho Chi Minh City

What are we fighting pho?
Freedom and Funds to Think! Make! Speak!
Support Sàn Art. Support the artists in Vietnam 

Sàn Art’s Benefit Art Auction is live on Paddle8! The first Paddle8 auction to support an organization in South East Asia!

Online bidding from 4 to 18 December. For further information please visit our website, or contact Ms Nguyen Bich Tra: tra [​at​]

Participating artists include Khadim Ali (Afghanistan/Australia); Khvay Samnang (Cambodia); Tammy Nguyen (USA); An My Le (USA); UuDam Tran Nguyen (USA/Vietnam); Tomas Vu (USA); Lena Bui; Bui Cong Khanh; Tiffany Chung; Do Hoang Tuong; Dinh Q Le; Le Hoang Bich Phuong; Nguyen Hong Ngoc (Nau); Phan Thao Nguyen; Phan Quang; PHUNAM; Richard Streitmatter-Tran; THE PROPELLER GROUP; Tran Minh Duc; Tran Xuan Anh; Truong Cong Tung; Truong Tan; Vo An Khanh and Vu Dan Tan (Vietnam).

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Download auction catalog here.

As there is an alarming lack of financial support for contemporary art in Vietnam, the urgently needed proceeds of this auction will address the jeopardy of Sàn Art, an independent organization struggling to find funds towards infrastructural costs, artwork production grants and their associated exhibition and educational expenses.

“When Sàn Art began in 2007 we did not imagine that it would become as locally and internationally recognized an arts organization as it is today. We wanted to establish an independent, not-for-profit space for contemporary artists to share and mutually learn with our local community. Beginning as a reading room and international lecture program, it grew to encapsulate a roster of curated exhibitions, an artist-in-residency program, guest lectures, artist talks, workshops and a seemingly never-ending schedule of facilitations between local artists and international curators, artists, researchers, teachers, journalists and many others desiring to know more about the development of contemporary Vietnamese art. 

Believing that art and culture requires interpretative skill, Sàn Art has invested in training the ever-growing team of young Vietnamese arts administrators who have greatly contributed to our organizational reputation as the country’s most active contemporary art space today. Sàn Art is proud to cater programs to a diverse interdisciplinary public, working in strategic partnership with particular local universities, private entrepreneurs, and other independent artist-run spaces.

Within Vietnam, there is no financial support for the work we do at Sàn Art—sadly our national landscape is yet to possess a government that understands contemporary art and culture as a crucial driver of economic growth. Social attitude towards innovation of this dynamic industry is reliant upon educating the private local business sector who are just beginning to understand their need to invest in our young creative producers. 

Sàn Art is indebted to the international organizations and individuals who have supported us in our endeavors over the last seven years, for without their recognition of the potential of Vietnamese contemporary art we would not be here today. 

On behalf of Sàn Art’s Board of Directors, we sincerely thank the artists and individuals who have generously donated artwork for this ‘exhibition-as-online auction.’ We hope that YOUR support of this online event will provide a critical financial artery that is so urgently needed to keep Sàn Art alive.” 
Dinh Q Le, Chairman, Board of Directors, Sàn Art

About Sàn Art
Sàn Art is an independent, artist initiated, non-profit contemporary art organization committed to the exchange and excavation of cultural knowledge within an interdisciplinary international community. Located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and recognized as the most active contemporary art organization in the country, our programs aim to promote, facilitate and showcase contemporary art through art production, residency, exhibition, discourse and education.

Sàn Art (“san” meaning “platform”) was established in October 2007 in response to limited resources and negligible opportunities for contemporary art and culture in Vietnam. In a country that offers little in the way of infrastructure and few alternatives to commercial production, artists must be strategically creative in order to be heard. Sàn Art is thus uniquely placed to fill the gap in access and opportunity by engaging with contemporary discourse through the visual arts, literature, performance, film, social sciences and much more. 

Sàn Art
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