November 21, 2014 - MOSTYN - Irma Blank and Amalia Pica, and call for submissions for MOSTYN Open 19
November 21, 2014

Irma Blank and Amalia Pica, and call for submissions for MOSTYN Open 19

Irma Blank, Radical Writings, 1988. Acrylic on canvas, diptych. Courtesy Private Collection, Bologna and P420, Bologna.

Irma Blank: Breath Paintings
Amalia Pica: Switchboard
Conversation Series*

15 November 2014–1 March 2015

Sean Edwards: Drawn in Cursive (part three) 
15 November 2014–1 March 2015

Gallery 1: Cylch / Circuit
15 November 2014–1 March 2015

Gallery 6: Uprisings
Laura Reeves
15 November 2014–8 March 2015

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Conversation series*
Irma Blank: Breath Paintings
Irma Blank has been addressing the connections between language and visual representation since the late 1960s. Her work creates a form of writing not related to knowledge or meaning—it is intuitive. Through the use of movement in hands and body during the making of the artworks, Blank gives to the act of writing and sign-making a sense of rhythm, freedom and energy. 

Breath Paintings is a selection of works in which the artist links her breathing to the gesture of writing. She paints a line corresponding to each single breath and repeats the action. Blank opens up a discussion on language, body, consciousness and time, and persistently challenges the authority of the written word. 

Amalia Pica: Switchboard
Amalia Pica’s practice explores her background, in addition to communal histories, myths, rites and traditions. Her works include installation, photography, drawing and performance, with a specific focus on sculpture.

Another related subject in Pica’s work is communication. Her work often looks at and uses the act of listening, pointing to its ability to be effective and clear, but also nuanced and fallible. 

Pica’s interest in social interaction can often be seen in the way in which her artworks are presented to, and engage with, the viewer. The act of participation and particularly listening become as important as the viewer’s gaze, which will be highlighted in the exhibition at MOSTYN. 

*Initiated in 2013, the conversation series at MOSTYN brings together two artists and two solo exhibitions in conversation. The intention is to present the dialogue, collaboration or similarity in exploring themes that can occur between artists, and to put this in conversation. The exhibitions by Pica and Blank are linked by the manner in which their work deals with communication—Pica primarily with the act of listening and Blank with reading.

Irma Blank’s exhibition, Breath Paintings, is curated by Alfredo Cramerotti (Director, MOSTYN). It has been kindly supported by Gallery P420, Bologna and the Colwinston Trust.

Amalia Pica’s exhibition, Switchboard, is curated by Adam Carr (Visual Arts Programme Curator, MOSTYN). It has been kindly supported by The Elephant Trust. 

Press release: Irma Blank / Amalia Pica

Sean Edwards: Drawn in Cursive (part three) 
The work of Sean Edwards examines the sculptural potential of the everyday. Many of his pieces make use of remnants of previous activities as a starting point, and reflect time spent in the context of his studio.
His found or made objects, as well as his drawings, photographs and clippings, can appear unfinished or at a point in transition before reaching another state. This approach by Edwards reflects his desire to undermine the museum, institution and gallery as places solely for fully realised artworks. While he is interested in the connection between each of his works and the meaning created when they are presented in configuration, of equal importance is the way in which the audience reads these elements. 

Funded by Creative Wales Award from Arts Council of Wales Drawn in Cursive is an exhibition that has three “stations”: Chapter in Cardiff, Netwerk in Aalst, Belgium and finally here at MOSTYN. 

Press release: Sean Edwards

Gallery 1: Cylch / Circuit
Gallery 1 is the first group show of its kind, curated by participants of Cylch/Circuit, working in collaboration with artist Bedwyr Williams and MOSTYN Visual Arts Programme Curator, Adam Carr, with support from MOSTYN’s team. 

Cylch/Circuit is a four-year national programme connecting 15–25 year olds to the arts in galleries and museums. This exhibition marks MOSTYN’s commitment to the involvement of young people in the gallery. 

Gallery 6: Uprisings – Laura Reeves
Gallery 6 is a new initiative at MOSTYN housed in its upper level. It is dedicated to presenting the work of young and emerging artists, all of whom are yet to have a solo exhibition in an institutional setting—nationally or internationally. Four Uprisings will occur each year. 

Laura Reeves’s approach to work, in part, could be compared to the practice of a detective. An in-depth process of research, exploring origin, meaning and purpose characterises her artistic practice and is applied to materials she discovers and uses for her pieces.

Press release: Gallery 6: Uprisings – Laura Reeves
Made possible by the generous support of Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.

MOSTYN is pleased to announce open call for submissions to MOSTYN Open 19 (10,000 GBP prize) from 21 November 2014.

Exhibition dates: 14 March–5 July 2015

For information:

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MOSTYN: Irma Blank and Amalia Pica, and call for submissions for MOSTYN Open 19
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