October 18, 2014 - Palais de Tokyo - PALAIS Magazine issue 20 out now
October 18, 2014

PALAIS Magazine issue 20 out now

PALAIS Magazine issue 20 out now
The magazine of the Palais de Tokyo


Issue 20 of PALAIS magazine reflects the new season of exhibitions at the Palais de Tokyo (October 2014–January 2015), and more particularly the exhibition Inside. On this occasion, the questions of the inside and of interiority have inspired contributions from philosophers, anthropologists, historians, architects and curators. 

Featured in issue 20:
–A thematic dossier in dialogue with the exhibition Inside; with contributions by Jean Clottes and David Lewis-Williams (prehistory specialists), Françoise Dastur (philosopher), James Elkins (art historian), Alexa Hagerty (researcher in anthropology), Frédérique Ildefonse (philosopher), Georges Teyssot (architect and theorist), and by Jean de Loisy, Daria de Beauvais and Katell Jaffrès, the curators of the exhibition
–A critical essay by the curator Julien Fronsacq about the work of Croatian artist David Maljković on the occasion of his solo exhibition In Low Resolution

“The visitors are simultaneously the viewers, the subjects and the victims of the exhibition Inside. They also exhibit themselves before the indiscretion and psychic danger of the visit.”
–In an interview, Jean de Loisy proposes a journey through the themes and works on display in the exhibition Inside, an exhibition conceived as an interior voyage—which is both physical and mental—into an interiority for which the exhibition space is a metaphor.

“Far from having dwelling as its end or goal, building is instead founded on dwelling, in so far as dwelling constitutes the primary relation of the human to its world.”
Françoise Dastur draws up a perceptive relationship with the world, which allows in space and human building to be thought differently.

“It is possible to problematize the mental interior without necessarily relating it to an I or a self: in the interior it is not myself that I find.”
Frédérique Ildefonse sketches out a history of interiority that reveals the extent to which a conception of the individual is intrinsically linked to the outside world and inhabited by others. 

“When the topographical cave and the cave in the mind came together in the Upper Paleolithic, new dimensions were created and a stunning art was born.”
David Lewis-Williams and Jean Clottes revive the debate on the interpretation of European cave art from the Paleolithic times.

“David Maljković confronts individual, collective and national historical levels, so that we can wander amongst the shadows cast by history.”
–From the starting point of a work on the difficulty of the heritage of the past, Julien Fronsacq investigates how Croatian artist David Maljković may develop a far broader reflection about time, conducted by an extended use of collage.

And also:
“Inside China: l’intérieur du Géant,” a special project that brings together the works of seven emerging artists from China and France; with contributions by the artists Li Gang, Wu Hao, Renaud Jerez, Yu Ji, Edwin Lo, Aude Pariset, Zhao Yao, and by the curators Jo-ey Tang and Wang Chunchen
–A visual contribution specially conceived by the artist Shahryar Nashat
–Focus on five emerging artists from the contemporary art scene: Jean-Marie Appriou, Virginie Gouband, Louise Pressager, Enrique Ramírez, and Qingmei Yao

Published three times per year by the Palais de Tokyo, PALAIS magazine offers an in-depth perspective on the exhibitions and program of the Palais de Tokyo. Each season, the magazine includes dossiers, interviews, essays, special projects and inserts, all contributed by artists, art critics, historians or theorists, making PALAIS magazine an essential tool for apprehending contemporary art.

PALAIS magazine is bilingual English/French. It is available internationally. Distributors and a partial list of stockists can be found here.
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PALAIS Magazine issue 20 out now
Palais de Tokyo
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