September 15, 2014 - Frac Haute-Normandie - L’inventaire Vol.4: Acquisitions from 1988 to 1991
September 15, 2014

L’inventaire Vol.4: Acquisitions from 1988 to 1991

A view of the Frac Haute-Normandie reserves (detail), 2011. Photo: Marc Domage.

L’Inventaire Vol.4
Acquisitions from 1988 to 1991

20 September–30 November 2014

Preview: 19 September, 6:30pm

Frac Haute-Normandie
3, place des Martyrs-de-la-Résistance
76300 Sotteville-lès-Rouen

T +00 33 (0) 2 35 72 27 51

In September 2011, the Frac Haute-Normandie began exploring the different methods at its disposal for exhibiting its holdings, which are, by definition, in constant flux and, as such, hardly ever shown in their entirety. One option is to look at the works in a collection over several years, according to inventory number. Though something of a mystery to the general public, this number is crucial as it indicates the order in which each of the works entered the collection. The method used in L’Inventaire takes these numbers in chronological order, so as to explore its underlying rationale and connections.

L’Inventaire is, therefore, an invitation to consider the collection, not from a thematic and/or subjective point of view, but using a system whose rules and means of presentation encourage us to look at the works from both a linear and contextual perspective. The L’Inventaire cycle provides the institution with an opportunity to examine the meaning and the—now historic—scope of its holdings, which are, as a rule, focused on the art of the moment. 

The Frac Haute-Normandie collection, inaugurated in 1983, numbered 1,580 works when the project was first launched, in 2011. L’Inventaire will continue anew every year at the start of the season, in September, until the last number in the catalogue for the year 2011 is reached. For its fourth installment, L’Inventaire brings together works acquired between 1988 and 1991. It brings to a close an entire decade, showcasing, among others, the Frac’s particular interest in British and other Anglophone artists, ranging from Victor Burgin, Hamish Fulton and Art & Language, to Tony Carter and Bill Woodrow.

Artists: Roger Ackling, Art & Language, Giulio and Augusto Bernardi, Jaroslava Brychtova and Stanislav Libensky, Victor Burgin, Tony Carter, Jutta Cuny, Cathy De Monchaux, Jacques Deschamps, Erik Dietman, Bertrand Dorny, Hamish Fulton, Jean Kerbrat, Karen Knorr, Danny Lane, James Lee Byars, Michel Mangard, John Murphy, Nils-Udo, Tom Phillips, Antoine Poupel, Clifford Rainey, Jean Rault, Dieter Roth, Georges Rousse, Renato Santarossa, Emmanuel Saulnier, David Tremlett, Wolf Vostell, Stella Waitzkin, Bill Woodrow and Zush.

Exhibition curator: Véronique Souben, Director of the Frac Haute-Normandie

Press contact: Chloé Palau:

Frac Haute-Normandie is funded by Haute-Normandie Regional Council, the Ministry of Culture and Communication / DRAC Haute-Normandie and Sotteville-lès-Rouen City Council.


Frac Haute-Normandie presents L'inventaire Vol.4: Acquisitions from 1988 to 1991
Frac Haute-Normandie
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