July 30, 2014 - Museo Amparo - Latin America 1960–2013. Photos and Texts
July 30, 2014

Latin America 1960–2013. Photos and Texts

León Ferrari, from the series “Nevermore,” 1995. Inscriptions written on photocopy. Courtesy Augusto and León Ferrari Foundation Collection, Argentina. © León Ferrari.

Latin America 1960–2013. Photos and Texts
May 23–September 29, 2014

Museo Amparo
2 Sur 708
Historic Dowtown
Puebla, Pue.
Hours: Wednesday–Monday 10am–6pm
Summer Saturdays 10am–9pm

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Museo Amparo presents Latin America 1960–2013. Photos and Texts, an exhibition organized in collaboration with the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain (Paris).

The exhibition brings together 71 artists from 11 Latin American countries, and features more than 400 works reflecting the diversity of visual languages used since 1960 until the present era. Latin America 1960–2013. Photos and Texts seeks to put in perspective a complex period in the history of the region, via a thematic journey through a variety of subjects. The artists included in the exhibition invite us to establish new metaphors and a new syntax for a plural reading of a region we build day after day. 

Latin America 1960–2013. Photos and Texts explores the different ways in which Latin American artists have appropriated a wide array of media, such as photographic printing, offset printing, silk-screening, collage, performance, video, and installation, in order to reach beyond traditional photographic technique and explore the world they inhabit. In exploring the interaction between text and image in Latin American art of the last five decades, the exhibition chooses to give voice to artists who, moved by a sense of urgency, sought to escape the specificity of a single medium and propose new metaphors for reality, emphasizing the multiplicity of readings of history, the role of minorities, geography, identity, and the arbitrariness of power. 

The curators were Ángeles Alonso Espinosa, Hervé Chandes, Alexis Fabry, Isabelle Gaudefroy, Ilana Shamoon, and Leanne Sacramone, in collaboration with the Institut des Hautes Études de l´Amérique Latine (IHEAL). Avoiding a chronological scheme, the exhibition is arranged in four thematic segments that allow for a dialogue between artists from different periods and geographic origins: 

–To inform / to denounce
–Memory and identity 

It will also feature Revuelta(s) [Revolt(s)], a film produced by Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain and directed by Fredi Casco and Renate Costa. The filmmakers traveled across Latin America interviewing artists and photographers included in the exhibition. The more than 30 exclusive interviews are detailed, personal portraits that invite viewers inside the creative universe of each artist, in a documentary of unsurpassed historical value. 

The catalog Latin America 1960–2013. Photos and Texts, co-published by Museo Amparo and Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, includes texts by Luis Camnitzer, Olivier Compagnon, and Alfonso Morales. The catalog, approximately 400 pages and profusely illustrated with color and black-and-white reproductions, includes artists’ bios, reviews of the work, and a detailed timeline of Latin America’s political history. It can be purchased from Museo Amparo’s online store, at www.museoamparo.com.

Museo Amparo presents Latin America 1960–2013. Photos and Texts
Museo Amparo
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