July 30, 2014 - Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (PICA) - 12th annual Time-Based Art Festival (TBA)
July 30, 2014

12th annual Time-Based Art Festival (TBA)

In order of appearance: Defoort-Goerger. © Alain Rico. Jennifer West. Courtesy of the artist. Tanya Tagaq, Ivan Otis. THE WORKS, Mario Gallucci. Luke George and Collaborators, Jeff Busby.

TBA:14 Time-Based Art Festival
September 11–21, 2014
Select TBA:14 Visual Art projects through September 30, 2014

Portland, Oregon


Portland Institute for Contemporary Art presents the 12th annual Time-Based Art Festival (TBA) featuring local, national, and international artists representing perspectives from the Philippines, France, Australia, Japan, Canada, and Sweden to Portland, Seattle, and San Francisco. TBA is a rare convergence of artists and audiences boldly pushing at the boundaries of contemporary art in a ten-day festival format. The Festival offers live performances, visual installations, concerts, experiments in music and film, and provisional galleries in unexpected spaces—activating the city of Portland with the energy and art of our time.

TBA operates as a catalyst for artists and audiences to explore and connect through the experience of performances, exhibitions, artist talks, workshops, and unruly late-night experiments. The Festival is an open invitation to participate in the current cultural moment, ecstatically drift through late summer evenings on the air of new ideas, and fearlessly devour the art of our time by artists operating at the diverse and charged boundaries of contemporary art.

Main stage performance
This year’s projects draw upon local community, and explore themes of intimacy, gender, age, and power, as well as highlight artists who are drawing from the traditional to construct the contemporary. Audiences will encounter Festival artists playing at the edges of musical forms—utilizing raw vocal expression and sonic experiments to reveal social and cultural realities. The theater and dance lineup firmly embraces intimacy, exchange, humor, and smartly re-imagined worlds.

Main stage performance: Samita Sinha, Tanya Tagaq, Eisa Jocson, BodyCartography Project, Tahni Holt, Tim Hecker, Luke George and Collaborators, Maya Beiser: Featuring Portland Cello Project, Cynthia Hopkins, Mammalian Diving Reflex, Jack Ferver, Halory Goerger and Antoine Defoort, Paul Clipson and Liz Harris, and chelfitsch

Visual art: “As round as an apple, As deep as a cup”
‘As round as an apple, As deep as a cup’ is a group of projects, perhaps an exhibition, maybe a poem. The presentations are not odes to something…the artists may or may not be poets, but all of it is OF poetry. For sure the installations, performances, and publications produced will rely on poetics… the study of how different parts come together, contributing to the never-ending search for ‘subject.’ I hope that the endeavor feels like this. Like a thing broken apart and then put together again in the mouth—made real by reading it out loud. The projects are meant to behave like the carefully chosen discordant words in a certain kind of poem. The kind of poem that is a problem to ponder.” 
–Kristan Kennedy

Visual art: Aki Sasamoto, Emily Roysdon, Jennifer West, Jesse Sugarmann, Lisa Radon, MSHR, Wynne Greenwood*

*Curated by Stephanie Snyder, Reed College, and Wynne Greenwood

The Works
The Works is where TBA goes after dark. Where artists wind down with a drink, and where dance parties dissolve into the night sky. Rock shows, drag balls, installations, sonic experiments, TBA Kitchen, mock reality TV shows, film and more. It’s an afterparty where everyone’s invited, a moonlit summer nitery, a warehouse venue that transforms with each new day.

The Works: THEESatisfaction, Pepper Pepper, Christopher Sutton, Jason Traeger, Larry/Laura Arrington, Arca, Oneohtrix Point Never, Chanticleer Trü, and more

Plot your TBA experience
Full schedule: pica.org. Festival passes/tickets available now; out-of-town visitors and academic groups receive special discounts.

Curated by Artistic Director Angela Mattox, Visual Art Curator Kristan Kennedy, and Performing Arts Program Director Erin Boberg Doughton.

Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (PICA)
415 SW 10th Ave (Suite 300)
Portland, OR 97205

T +1 503 242 1419

Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (PICA)
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