May 9, 2014 - Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art - ARTSPECTRUM 2014
May 9, 2014


May 1–June 29, 2014

Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art
60-16, Itaewon-ro, 55-gil
Yongsan-gu, Seoul
Korea 140-893
Hours: Tuesday–Sunday 10:30am–6pm

T +82 2 2014 6900

Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art is pleased to present ARTSPECTRUM2014 from May 1 to June 29. Since its inception in 2001 as a biennial exhibition, ARTSPECTRUM has introduced and celebrated the work of up-and-coming contemporary Korean artists of all ages, genres, and interests. In commemoration of the museum’s tenth anniversary, Leeum invited active members of the art community in Korea including art critics and curators from other institutions to collaborate with its curatorial team to select ten emerging artists whose artistic potential represents the future of contemporary Korean art. Each of the ten artists in ARTSPECTRUM2014 has his or her own story, as reflected in their varying subject matters and interests, which range from parental relationships to political and economic systems.

Among the artists featured in this exhibition are Chang Hyun-joon (installation & performance), Chun Youngmi (sculpture & installation), Chung Heeseung (photography & installation), Jenny Cho (painting), Kim Minae (installation), Lee Eun-sil (painting), Lee Wan (video & installation), Park Bona (video & performance), Sim Rae-Jung (video & installation), and Song Hojun (installation).

It is our hope that ARTSPECTRUM will provide a valuable opportunity for these young artists. This year, in efforts to further encourage young creative will, the Museum will also inaugurate a newly created ARTSPECTRUM Award to bestow upon one of the participating artists during the course of the exhibition. At Leeum, we will continue to explore and foster new approaches and perspectives through ARTSPECTRUM.

Curated by Koo Kyunghwa, Curator, Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art
Sponsored by Samsung Life Insurance, co. Ltd.

Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art was opened in central Seoul in 2004 and provides a unique environment to house the comprehensive collections of traditional and contemporary art in Korea. Three buildings make up the composite complex. Museum 1 is devoted to the exhibition of traditional Korean artwork. Museum 2 showcases modern and contemporary works by both Korean and foreign artists. Finally, the Samsung Child Education & Culture Center supplements the two museums by contributing to the cultural education of our future leaders. This cultural complex was designed by three internationally acclaimed architects: Mario Botta, Jean Nouvel and Rem Koolhaas. The three buildings exist in harmony with each other, though each piece has its own uniqueness. These architectural works are designed to accommodate the past, present, and future of art and culture.

The museum is committed to establishing and preserving a new interpretation and perspective of traditional Korean art, encouraging and presenting new trends in Korean modern art, and displaying international contemporary art that reflects the preeminent values of our time. 

Press contact:
Shim Bokeum, Public Relations Team
T +82 2 2014 6553 / bokeum.shim [​at​]


Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art presents ARTSPECTRUM 2014
Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art
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