April 4, 2014 - Ilmin Museum of Art - TOTAL RECALL
April 4, 2014


Hangjun Lee and Chulki Hong, Phantom Schoolgirl Army, 2014. 16mm film projection, sound installation, and performance. Courtesy of the artists.

April 11–June 8, 2014

Opening: April 10, 5pm

Ilmin Museum of Art
139 Sejong-no, Jongno-gu
Seoul 110-050
Hours: Tuesday–Sunday 11am–7pm

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Artists: Kearn-Hyung Ahn, Yoonho Bae, Jeamin Cha, Hangjun Lee+Chulki Hong, Yoonsuk Jung, Kyungman Kim, Soyoung Kim (A.K.A. Jeong Kim), Okin Collective, and PARKing CHANce (Chanwook Park+Chan-Kyong Park).

TOTAL RECALL is an expansive project that brings together filmmakers and visual artists to present diverse modes of how art documents the world through the medium of video. The starting point of the project is to expand the presentation of the Ilmin Museum of Art Documentary Archive in more robust and challenging ways for both participating artists and audiences. The archive was opened in 2002 as the first of its kind in Korea. An annual screening program has also been running since 2005 as a way of introducing documentary films made by filmmakers and visual artists to audiences of the museum.

With the opening of TOTAL RECALL, the annual screening program and the archive expand to an exhibition, screenings, and a series of public programs. For realizing the project through a broad perspective and creative approach, Ilmim Museum of Art closely collaborated with Moonji Cultural Institute SAII and the Korean Film Archive. The public program and screening are the results of a fruitful collaboration among institutions from different fields.

The exhibition at Ilmin Museum of Art (April 11–June 8) gathers works by nine teams of artists and filmmakers through the keywords of recording and remembering, exploring the notion of documentary as a genre of film as well as a mode of approaching subjects in artistic production. Some of the works in the exhibition are new productions by filmmakers, created using diverse sources from feature-length documentary films that are currently in the production stage.

Screening at the Korean Film Archive Cinematheque (April 18–May 18) is composed of thirteen works that are created in a gallery or museum setting. The screening also includes six single-channel video works in the exhibition at the museum, providing audiences the opportunity to sensitize the difference of environment in the museum’s constructed space and the black box of the cinema.  

Along with the exhibition at Ilmin Museum of Art and the screening at the Korean Film Archive Cinematheque, a series of public programs are organized to bring visual artists, filmmakers, and critics together for open discussions and exchanges of ideas. Starting from the Exchange of Ideas on April 12 at the Ilmin Museum of Art, a total of twelve public programs are held during the exhibition and screening period.

The Ilmin Museum of Art Documentary Archive is scheduled to reopen on April 21 with new facilities and items. Taking TOTAL RECALL as a point of departure, the archive will also run by specific direction and programs of its own. Visitors to the archive will be provided with reference materials that the participating visual artists and filmmakers have suggested. Access to the public archive is available by reservation through email contact (info [​at​] ilmin.org).

Ilmin Museum of Art
The Ilmin Museum of Art has been one of the central institutions of Seoul’s dynamic contemporary art scene. Housed in a historic 1926 building that has been used as the headquarters of Dong-A Ilbo over half a century, the museum was inaugurated in 1996 and reopened in 2002 after a renovation to become a space for contemporary art. With a new, young, and energetic curatorial team, the museum aims to expand the scope of its exhibitions and programs. Ilmin Museum of Art also aspires to collaborate with institutions from different fields of art on both domestic and international level, wishing to make grounds for presenting the visual culture of our time at its forefront.

For press inquiries, please contact press [​at​] ilmin.org.


Ilmin Museum of Art presents TOTAL RECALL
Ilmin Museum of Art
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