January 17, 2014 - Centre culturel suisse, Paris - Olivier Mosset
January 17, 2014

Olivier Mosset

Olivier Mosset with Jeffrey Schad & Vincent Szarek, Chevrolet Bel Air 1965. Courtesy Museum of Contemporary Art Tucson. © Jack Kulawick.

Olivier Mosset – Collaborations
17 January–30 March 2014

Opening: Friday 17 January, 6–9pm

Centre Culturel Suisse, Paris
38 rue des Francs-Bourgeois
75003 Paris
Hours: Tuesday–Sunday 1–7pm 
Free entrance

T + 33 1 42 71 95 70
ccs [​at​] ccsparis.com


Olivier Mosset (born in 1944, based in Tucson) is a major figure on both the Swiss and international art scene. Although mainly known for his abstract geometrical painting, Mosset explores other areas in art as well. The Swiss Cultural Center has invited him to imagine a type of exhibition he hasn’t had the opportunity to realize until now. The result is a show comprising works—painting, sculpture, installation, an automobile, performance, film—done in collaboration with other artists. Several pieces have been produced specifically for this event.

Works from John Armleder, Marie-Agnès Gillot, Amy Granat & Drew Heitzler, Madjid Hakimi, Jacob Kassay, Alix Lambert, Bertrand Lavier, Olivier Mosset, Mai-Thu Perret, Jeffrey Schad & Vincent Szarek

Olivier Mosset will join Marc-Olivier Wahler for a conference Tuesday 21 January at 8pm.

The double film T.S.O.Y.W., 2007, 200 minutes, directed by Amy Granat & Drew Heitzler, and produced by Olivier Mosset, will be shown on 8 March at 6pm, with Olivier Mosset at Centre Pompidou. This screening is part of the Nouveau Festival.

There will be a performance by John Armleder and Olivier Mosset. Date and venue to be announced.

Two other must-see shows are presented in La Pièce sur cour

Julian Charrière: We Are All Astronauts
17 January–23 February 2014

Julian Charrière (born in 1987, based in Berlin), who earned a master’s degree in Olafur Eliasson’s class at Berlin’s Institut für Raumexperimente in 2013, takes planet Earth as the field of his inquiry. Whether collecting sand from UN-recognized countries and samples from the world’s longest rivers, or realizing performances in Ethiopia and Iceland, Charrière plays with geology, science and architecture. At the Swiss Cultural Center for his first solo show in France, the artist has created a new configuration of We Are All Astronauts Aboard a Little Spaceship Called Earth (2013), an installation that is infused with a disturbing poetry that examines the terrestrial globe through its representation, fragility and life expectancy.

Augustin Rebetez
28 February–30 March 2014

Augustin Rebetez (born in 1986, based in Mervelier) is a Jack of all trades with a quick way about him and a voracious appetite for work. Originally a photographer, Rebetez has also proved adept at drawing, sculpture, animated film and installation, and has increasingly turned to collaborative work for his exhibitions and notably a feature film shot in Lagos. He was awarded the Rencontres d’Arles’ Photo Folio Review Prize in 2010, and Vevey’s Grand Prix international de photographie in 2013. His style is an effusive, shifting mania for the makeshift, a bricolage that is shot through with humor. At Centre culturel suisse, for his first solo show in Paris, Rebetez has developed the idea of a teeming “minuscule exhibition” made up of a multitude of small-format works: framed drawings, paintings, texts, and videos playing on several screens. Mind the madness!


Olivier Mosset at Centre Culturel Suisse, Paris
Centre culturel suisse, Paris
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