July 18, 2013 - Busan Biennale - With Songdo : Remembrance·Marks·People
July 18, 2013

With Songdo : Remembrance·Marks·People

Design by greengreem.

Sea Art Festival 2013: With Songdo : Remembrance· Marks·People
September 14–October 13, 2013

Opening: September 14

Songdo beach

Busan Metropolitan City
Busan Biennale Organizing Committee

T +82 51 503 6111
F +82 51 503 6584
busanbiennale [​at​] busanbiennale.org


The exhibition theme of the 2013 Sea Art Festival is With Songdo : Remembrance·Marks·People.

Sea Art Festival was first held in 1987 as the cultural event of the Pre-Olympics for the 1988 Seoul Olympics, and was held annually until 1993. Following a five-year gap after the 8th Sea Art Festival in 1995, it was integrated with 2000PICAF (formerly known as Busan Biennale). Until 2004, Sea Art Festival placed art outdoors, and placed value on the communion and communication between artists in a natural marine environment, rather than being an exhibition focused on planning ability. In 2006, the spatial concept, limited to sandy beaches and sea levels, drastically expanded and ‘the arts in life’ was actualized through public art. The festival in 2008 was also shown in the form of an indoor exhibition blended with an outdoor exhibition. In 2011, an independent historic turning point was experienced: a new art brand combining Sea Art Festival with Busan Biennale in order to revive youth performance and experimental spirits. 

As stated earlier, Sea Art Festival has not been limited to arts installed outdoors since 2006, and has aimed to exhibit a variety of flows and discussions of contemporary art. This resulted in criticism of a lack of differentiated strategies of contemporary art exhibitions, and the local art arena wished for Sea Art Festival to restore its own identity. The Sea Art Festival 2013 will be a field that explores prototypes for a new future through history and the process of change. This contact will move on to the future.

The exhibition theme of the 2013 Sea Art Festival is With Songdo : Remembrance·Marks·People. The theme, presented by artistic director Tae-Won Park, who is also a professional sculptor, begins with the perception of Sea Art Festival trying to restore the original forms of exhibition and the meaning that Songdo beach has had throughout 100 years of long-standing history. Not only with its own intention to revive the desire and will of local artists, the recovery of Sea Art Festival tries to restore and expand the intangible form of heritage which has carried the current of Busan Art, the institutional foundation under the restored program, reflecting hope to produce a wider scope of social value in order to play a part in inspiring awareness of culture in the community and forming social discussion. The Sea Art Festival 2013 suggests that once fancy, but forgotten, past (remembrance) of Songdo, the changing present (marks), and the future yet to come (people) standing in the same starting point as Sea Art Festival (with Songdo), and wishes that present-day Songdo becomes a place of communication and space-time intermediation, where various values encounter each other by re-selecting Songdo as the exhibition venue, the same site as its 2011 exhibition.

Participating artists:
Bang Jun-Ho (Korea) / Bees (Korea) / Chi-Seop Ye & 4 People (Korea) / Coryn Kempster, Julia Jamrozik (Canada) / Craig Costello (USA) / Daegu Young Arts Groups (Korea) / Dong-Hun Sung (Korea) / Eun-Phil Cho (Korea) / Francisco de Oliveira Zelesnikar (Brazil) / Fumihiko Sano (Japan) / Jae-Young Kim (Korea) / James Jack (USA) / June Kim, Cheyeon Park (USA, Korea) / Junseub Sim (Korea) / Konstantin Dimopoulos (Australia) / Lee Il (Korea) / Lee, Soo Hong (Korea) / Lee Sung-Ok (Korea) / Lim, Hyung Jun (Korea) / LIU, Pao-Chun (Taiwan) / Man-young Jung (Korea) / Maria Rebecca Ballestra, Rachela Renate Abbate (Italy) / Matteo Berra (Italy) / Miguel Isla (Spain) / Mong-Joo Son (Korea) / Moon-Soo Choi (Korea) / Park Heon Yeol (Korea) / Sang-Il Kim (Korea) / Sanitas Studio (Thailand) / Sook-Bin Kim (Korea) / Sung-Jin Song (Korea) / Sung-Min Kim, Young-Ho Seo (Korea) / Tallur L.N. (India) / Wang Haiyuan (China) / Wang Yi (China)


Sea Art Festival 2013: With Songdo : Remembrance·Marks·People
Busan Biennale
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