July 8, 2013 - Museum Ladin - Chaos And Order: 2013 Trienala Ladina
July 8, 2013

Chaos And Order: 2013 Trienala Ladina

Photo © Renate Pizzinini.

Chaos And Order: 2013 Trienala Ladina & Richard Agreiter Prize For Sculpture
19 July–31 October 2013

Vernissage: Friday 19 July, 6pm

Museum Ladin Ćiastel de Tor
Str. Tor 65
San Martin de Tor, Italy
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Sunday 14–18h; September–October:
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Participating artists: Flurina Badel (CH), Julia Biasi (USA / I), Fabian Feichter (DE / I), Manuel Riz (I), Martina Stuflesser (I), Alesch Vital (CH), Andreas Zingerle (I / Richard Agreiter Prize winner)

Curated by Alfredo Cramerotti (UK / I)

The Ćiastel de Tor Ladin Museum in San Martino in Badia (I) presents the fourth Trienala Ladina of contemporary art and the Richard Agreiter Prize for Sculpture.

The distinctive leitmotif of the 2013 event is the ambivalence between chaos and order that pervades and prevails in our society: from the economy to the technology, from the environment to the culture, from the gender issues to the questions of identity. However, rather than contrasts between the seemingly conflicting concepts of order and chaos, artificial and natural, and local and global, Chaos and Order emphasis is on the mutual relationships in which they do not cancel each other out.

The Trienala is a key event for the artists in the five Ladin valleys, Graubünden and Friuli, as well as any other artists who have ties to the history, culture and traditions in these areas. The exhibition route begins with a look at the specific features of the Ladin culture and moves on to the more general matter of experiences of alterity, so it conveys the contemporary sense of Ladin character, above and beyond geographical and historical matters.

The 2013 Trienala Ladina encourages the “use” of contemporary art as a means of interpreting the ambivalence of the systems and situations that we encounter on a daily basis, while also contemplating the future prospects for our society.

Chaos And Order: 2013 Trienala Ladina & Richard Agreiter Prize For Sculpture
Museum Ladin
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