July 2, 2013 - 49 Nord 6 Est – Frac Lorraine - Bad Girls
July 2, 2013

Bad Girls

Hito Steyerl, November (still), 2004. Video. Courtesy 49 Nord 6 Est – Frac Lorraine Collection. © H. Steyerl.

Bad Girls: A collection in action
July 13–October 20, 2013

49 Nord 6 Est – Frac Lorraine
1bis rue des Trinitaires, F-57000 Metz 
Hours: Tuesday–Friday 2–7pm;
Saturday–Sunday 11am–7pm
Free admission


Marina Abramovic, Pauline Boudry / Renate Lorenz, Lili Dujourie, Clarisse Hahn, Anna Maria Maiolino, Annette Messager, Liliana Motta, Ewa Partum, Lotty Rosenfeld, Martha Rosler, Raeda Sa’adeh, Hito Steyerl
& books by Albertine Sarrazin, Grisélidis Réal and Virginie Despentes

Refusal of any established order, subversion of the commonplace…At a time when patriarchy is crumbling, Bad Girls are putting on their armor…Disobedience becomes the norm in the face of binary and linear outlooks that lead us daily into a societal dead end.

An invigorating upper cut against wait-and-see attitudes, the FRAC exhibition deconstructs know-it-all opinions, and attacks those who refuse to imagine a future that would be better because it is different.
Attention! The Bad Girls have unsheathed their weapons: humor and insolence!

Be beautiful and shut up! 
In the 1970s, “the personal is political.” The Bad Girl takes off her top and even her bottoms. Nudity is the weapon used to make demands: My body is my own! Out with a canon of beauty imposed by men. Long live sexual freedom!

Be (re)bellious and fight! 
The Bad Girl has always fought for the common cause: for justice and humanity. For Kurdish or Palestinian women, their body is a weapon.

So be it!
Without legacy or testament, the Bad Girl invents a radiant future, free of any social, sexual, or racial designation. Her story remains to be written and above all, lived…

Group visits in English upon request: mediation [​at​] fraclorraine.org
Complete schedule of events is available on our website: www.fraclorraine.org

The Frac Lorraine enjoys financial backing from the Lorraine Regional Council and the DRAC Lorraine at the Ministry of Culture and Communication.


Bad Girls at Frac Lorraine
49 Nord 6 Est – Frac Lorraine
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