June 14, 2013 - Bildmuseet - Agnès Varda
June 14, 2013

Agnès Varda

Agnes Varda, Les gens de la terrasse (The People on the Terrace), 2009. © Ciné-Tamaris. Photo: JL Gautreau.

Agnès Varda
June 2–August 18, 2013

S-90187 Umeå


Agnès Varda has had a long and successful international career as filmmaker. Already with her first film she got established; La Pointe Courte from 1954 is considered the starting point of the French New Wave. In recent years, her work as a visual artist has found new and experimental expressions and evolved into installations and thus gained new audiences. 

The exhibition at Bildmuseet, her first in Scandinavia, presents a selection of Agnès Varda’s documentary film projects from the 1960s and 1970s, as well as newer works that display the boundary-transcending way in which she moves between the cinema theatre and the gallery space; between photography and cinema; between the moving image and the still.

Also at Bildmuseet during the summer 2013:

Felice Varini: Nine Arcs Dancing
May 20, 2013–January 5, 2014

Felice Varini has attracted international attention with his paintings in public spaces, including France, Japan, UK and USA. Now he is presented for the first time in Sweden. For Bildmuseet the artist has created Nine Arcs Dancing, a site-specific work on the entrance floor of the museum building. It consists of nine red arcs, each of which is based on and ties together points in the architecture. The work emphasises the movement, the activity, the variability and the variation of the light in the room.

Jacob Hashimoto: Superabundant Atmosphere
June 2–October 13, 2013

Bildmuseet presents Superabundant Atmosphere, an installation by Jacob Hashimoto consisting of thousands of ellipses of bamboo and silk hanging from the ceiling on the museum’s top floor. The installation fills the entire exhibition hall and creates a cloud-like formation that appears to permeate through the ceiling. Parts of the work Infinite Expanse of Sky, constructed of rectangular paper kites with a sky blue and white cloud print, are visible from the outside, through the museum’s large windows.


Agnès Varda at Bildmuseet
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