June 11, 2013 - BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts - Valérie Mannaerts
June 11, 2013

Valérie Mannaerts

Valérie Mannaerts, Orlando Orlando, 2013. © Kristien Daem.

Valérie Mannaerts
7 June–22 September 2013

BOZAR – Centre for Fine Arts
Circuit: Antichambres
Rue Royale | Koningsstraat 10
1000 Brussels
Hours: Tuesday–Sunday 10am–6pm, 
Thursday 10am–9pm (10am–6pm from
July 21 to August 15)



Belgian artist Valérie Mannaerts presents new work, created especially for the Centre for Fine Arts. Her sculptures, textile, collages and drawings intervene in the exhibition spaces and create new ‘surrealities.’

Working with the peculiar and rich qualities of the 1930s galleries at BOZAR, Valerie Mannerts’s show, Orlando, will present a selection of her latest sculptures, textiles, collages and drawings. Mannaerts treats the unique qualities of the space as a sculptural container in itself, exposing its own texture–the patterned hue of the marble floors and walls, the domed central atrium, the columns, arches and near-symmetry of the layout. At the same time, she makes a few, precise interventions into the given display set-up, for example, building narrow shelves into some of the walls, and designing a fan-shaped arrangement of plinths. In this way, the exhibition’s layout is imagined to be viewed from certain fixed points within its spatial volume, exaggerating the image-plane of the sculptural objects.  

Mannaerts’s broader project is grown from the practice of improvisational drawing and collage, and in her body of work of the past decade she repeatedly investigates the back and forth perceptual relationship between two-dimensional images, and three dimensional object-matter. Often, found media images are collaged with found things that are treated also as compositional shapes—a stool, a pedestal or a ball, maybe—creating complex new forms. She allows found objects to become a prompt within the working process, suggesting the form a work might take. Although she often uses traditional sculptural materials such as clay or bronze, Mannaerts also introduces lighter touches that speak to an idea of decoration or adornment: painted paper fans, or gold ceramic glaze.

Whilst the show activates the unusual and highly formal display situation of the spaces, the artist also brings out its organic qualities, and those of her given and chosen materials: the veined stone architecture, the natural daylight which she has deliberately retained instead of artificial lamps, and in her use of plants, including cacti, that are placed between the works. Mannaerts’s image and object choices compress different temporalities and material densities so that they create ‘knots’ of tactile and perceptual sensation, suggesting a mysterious coalescence in the artist’s imagination of the materiality of the natural and the man-made in the form of new “surrealities,” new fictions.

Curator: Catherine Wood
Production: BOZAR EXPO (Exhibitions Director: Sophie Lauwers, Exhibition Coordinator: Christel Tsilibaris)

BOZAR info & tickets
T 0032 2 507 82 00 / info [​at​] bozar.be / www.bozar.be

From 7 June to 22 September, the Centre for Fine Arts also presents a major retrospective of the work of the Italian modernist master Giorgio Morandi.His delicate still lifes, always reduced to their bare essence, are iconic works of modern art. His sense of colour, tone, and composition are still a source of inspiration for many artists, writers, and film-makers today. Guest artist Luc Tuymans presents work of his own in a dialogue with Morandi’s oeuvre.

BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts
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