June 5, 2013 - Tensta Konsthall - Summer exhibitions
June 5, 2013

Summer exhibitions

Iman Issa / Zak Kyes / Bernd Krauss / Megafonen / Anna Lundh
13 June–29 September 2013

Tensta konsthall
Taxingegränd 10
Box 4001, 163 04 Spånga

T +46 (0)8 360 763
F +46 (0)8 362 560


Iman Issa
A trip to a zoo, an observation at a university campus, a fragment of a family’s holiday traditions—relationships and everyday events described almost without any adjectives, names or other details. Iman Issa (Cairo/New York) identifies a lack of something and collects material that can possibly fill in the gaps, making it complete, or that aims it in a whole new direction. She uses photography, text, sculpture, video and sound to formulate abstract questions about individual experience and how it’s connected to the collective. This solo exhibition includes both old and new work.

Zak Kyes Working With… 
Can Altay, Charles Arsène-Henry, Shumon Basar, Richard Birkett, Andrew Blauvelt, Edward Bottoms, Wayne Daly, Jesko Fezer, Joseph Grigely, Nikolaus Hirsch, Maria Lind, Markus Miessen, Michel Müller, Radim Peško, Barbara Steiner

Zak Kyes Working With… is about contemporary graphic design as a practice that mediates, and is mediated by, allied disciplines. The exhibition brings together several of Kyes’ own works, as well as new ones by a host of collaborators including architects, artists, writers, curators, editors and graphic designers. By broadening the highly specialized role of the designer, Kyes challenges and further develops today’s graphic design practice. In 2005 Kyes founded the design studio Zak Group, and in 2006 he became Art Director at the Architectural Association (AA) in London, where he is based.

Bernd Krauss: We are continuing BBDG
A theatrical and home-made tennis boutique, that’s based on the book The truth – my years with Björn Borg by Lars Skarke (1993), is the introduction to Bernd Krauss’ latest project We are continuing BBDG. There are plenty of vintage Björn Borg clothes that no longer are in production in this shop, installed in the entrance area of Tensta konsthall. The story of the famous tennis player whose name became a well-known brand, under the title Björn Borg Design Group, is brought to life with the installation. The person Björn Borg disappeared from the picture after he, according to communication consultants, “abused” the brand. We are continuing BBDG is part of the visual art program at the festival Stockholm Music & Arts that takes place 2 to 4 of August in Stockholm.

Reverberation: a video portrait of Megafonen by Behzad Khosravi and René León Rosales
During the summer, the documentary Reverberation (2012) will be on view at Tensta konstall. The film is about the youth movement Megafonen, and their trip to Gothenburg in May 2012 where they met with Bobby Seale, one of the founders of the Black Panther Party. Megafonen is an organisation that works for social justice and to increase the standards of Sweden’s suburbs. They have been vocal in conjunction with the recent protests in the suburbs of Stockholm and other places across the country. During the trip to Gothenburg, issues concerning processes of segregation and integration in Sweden are debated. Can the youth identify themselves with the Black Panther Party’s struggle in the U.S. in the 1960–70s? The trip was documented by the artist Behzad Khosravi and the ethnologist René León Rosales.

Art Camp 
During school breaks 
Tensta konsthall arranges art camps for children and teenagers, 10–19 years old. We offer participants a one-week daytime camp under the guidance of a professional artist. The art camp may revolve around specific mediums, themes, or the artist’s own practice. On the final day the public is invited to see and experience what has been made during the week.

17 June–20 June
Racing trot and art, with Nina Svensson and Bernd Krauss

24 June–28 June 
Hut building, in Järvafältet with Stefan Petersson (KTH School of Architecture)

5 August–9 August 
Painting and Portraits, with Filippa Arrias (The Royal Institute of Art)

Website – Space

Anna Lundh 


Tensta Konsthall
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