June 3, 2013 - Lungomare - The Lungomare Gasthaus
June 3, 2013

The Lungomare Gasthaus

Image: Joe Miceli & Lina Ozerkina.

Lungomare Gasthaus
1–30 June 2013

Via Rafenstein 12
39100 Bolzano, Italy
Hours: Thursday–Saturday 6pm–midnight;
Sunday 11am4pm

info [​at​] lungomare.org


A project by: Angelika Burtscher, Daniele Lupo and Lisa Mazza

Program conceived with: Filipa Ramos and Luigi Coppola

Åbäke, Ayreen Anastas & Rene Gabri, Stefano Bernardi, Gaëlle Boucand, Sara Casiraghi, Céline Condorelli, ConstructLab/Exyzt, Luc Deleu, Charles Esche, Beatrice Galilee, Uli Gamper, Martino Gamper, Ingrid Hora, Pierre Huyghe, Andrea Lissoni, Luca Lo Pinto, Heinz Mader, Motus, Joseph Miceli & Lina Ozerkina, Marzia Migliora, Ralf Pflugfelder, Maxi Obexer, Nikolay Oleynikov, Osservatorio Urbano: Roberto Gigliotti & Jonathan Pierini, Yervant Gianikian & Angela Ricci Lucchi, Alex Rich, Ben Rivers, Maruša Sagadin, Eléonore Saintagnan, Simon Sheikh, Luís Silva, Simone Simonelli, Andrea Thal, Apichatpong Weerasethakul

This June, to celebrate its tenth anniversary, the project space Lungomare is opening the Lungomare Gasthaus as a temporary platform for thought and action. Lungomare Gasthaus integrates the kitchen—a cultural and social space of production—into a one-month program consisting of discussions, conversations and workshops, a series of spatial interventions, a film program and a series of public performances and actions in the city of Bolzano.

The Gasthaus, or tavern, will provide the framework for dialogue and actions in which artists, designers, architects, curators, and thinkers are invited to reflect upon our present.

The project aims to use this free zone as an occasion to challenge given conditions in an expanded dialogue, compare thoughts, work out positions and test concrete opportunities for action—both now and for change in the future.

The program touches on topics that have persisted throughout Lungomare’s history: the territory and its socio-political complexity; public space as common property and a site of interaction; transdisciplinarity, and the conditions of cultural production.


Wenn gestern morgen wird (When Yesterday Becomes Tomorrow)
Exhibition, series of performances and objects curated by Angelika Burtscher, Daniele Lupo, Lisa Mazza

Wenn gestern morgen wird is based on a series of commissioned projects, reflecting on past projects, methods and approaches by Lungomare. Its archive will serve as a point of departure while casting a utopian look into the still unwritten future of Lungomare, the conditions and changes in cultural production and its impact on the local territory.

This is my land
Cinema program curated by Filipa Ramos

The four-week screening program explores the sense of belonging and observes the existent or potential relations established between individuals, institutions, territories, and the complex phenomena that root persons to places. It presents works by artists and filmmakers who use film and video to document and explore these ties in a myriad of contexts.

Masses & Motets: Exercises in Political Chorality
Project by Luigi Coppola

Masses & Motets are three musical performances that take place in Bolzano’s public space and that focus on having one’s say, the resistance to the society of spectacle, political declaration, proposal and vision. The project is inspired by the writings of authors who continue to leave their mark in terms of political imagery, such as Alexander Langer, Lawrence Ferlingetti, Antonio Gramsci and Joseph Beuys, as well as newly commissioned writings.

The Sunday Brunch
A series of conversations curated by Filipa Ramos

The Sunday Brunch gives the opportunity to think about the nature of Lungomare and envisage its future next to that of analogous institutions. Artists, curators, and thinkers who have been reflecting about institutions, shaping their ever-changing nature and imagining their outcome, will come in pairs to Bolzano and join us for an open Sunday brunch.

Residency project   
Curated by Luigi Coppola

The artist Nikolay Oleynikov and the collective Motus stay for a short residency in Bolzano. Despite different approaches the two artistic practices are both politically rooted in the artistic action and relational impetus that they activate through their processes.

La cucina
By Uli Gamper

The Lungomare Gasthaus kitchen celebrates the wealth, quality and abundance of products mostly from the region. The menu is influenced by notions of identity, territory and originality, and will serve as a catalyst for a fruitful realm of encounter, discussion, sharing and exchanging. The assistant for the kitchen is Agata Erlacher.

Architecture -Teatro del Mare
By constructLab/ Exyzt

A cantilevered structure creates a protection roof for the open kitchen and bar on the ground floor while the space upstairs is transformed into a multifunctional arena. The wooden structure builds a contemporary stage design inspired by the ruins of an ancient Greek theater. The design for the furniture is by Simone Simonelli.

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