May 18, 2013 - Wanås Konst - 2013 season
May 18, 2013

2013 season

Jeppe Hein, Work Shop/ Right Here/ Right Now, 2013. Wooden text, 50 cm. Photo: Wanås Konst.

Jeppe Hein – A Smile For You
Marilá Dardot, Maria Bajt, Jason Diakité, Melanie Smith & Rafael Ortega

May 19–October 27, 2013

Opening: Sunday, 19 May 11am–5pm

Wanås Konst
Box 67
SE-289 21 Knislinge
Hours: Daily 8am–7pm

T 46 (0)44 66071

Season opening: Happiness, silence, reflections from a surrealist Eden, and a tale to read or enter—Wanås Konst 2013 playfully engages with serious works.

Wanås is a place in the world where art, nature and history meet. Since 1987, exhibitions have been produced by Swedish and international contemporary artists. This year, the artists make new works on the lake, around the lake and inside. At Wanås focus is on site-specific installations. Today it is one of the world’s leading sculpture parks with more than 50 permanent works by some of the most acclaimed artists of our time.

“What is happiness to you?” – artist Jeppe Hein’s (DK) question sets the tone for Wanås Konst 2013. He asks four more questions about happiness—how does it smell, taste, sound, and what does it look like? The five questions are circulated in a publicity campaign. Together with the exhibition and a new catalogue published by Walther König Verlag they build the project A Smile For You, a larger collaboration between the artist Jeppe Hein, Bonniers Konsthall and Wanås Konst. Both playfulness and an element of surprise that evokes laughter have always been present in Hein’s art, but in A Smile For You, he goes beyond laughter and focuses on happiness. At Wanås Hein emphasizes the joy of participating in the here and now, being present in the fleeting moment.

Outside Hein presents seven Modified Social Benches around the lake. He alters the traditional construction and viewers have to try to relate to them. They become active rather than just a place to rest. On the lake is Cage and Mirror (2011). Hein has added a bridge to give visitors the chance to walk out on the water. By using the cage that is simultaneously open and enclosed he creates a room for contemplation where the inside and outside merge. Inside the Art Gallery is transformed into a lively workshop, but there is room for reflection and introspection as well. A text made of branches describes the transformation of the site: Work Shop / Right Here / Right Now. Hein’s works become proposals to take part in and experiment further with. The workshop stations surround a new sound installation, a companion piece to the cage outdoors. It is an environment intended to influence your state of mind and to stimulate a sense of well being.

Marilá Dardot (BR) constantly uses language in her art. At Wanås she presents a new work, No silêncio nunca há silêncio (In silence there is never silence). She is inspired by silence, something that has always intrigued her. “When I visited Wanås, I felt a silence in the air, a dense silence full of stories.” Ceramic letters form the words, and the sentence is placed on the ground in three languages—Portuguese, English and Swedish, like in Scrabble. The letters become sculptural and at the same time invite viewers to keep on creating new words with those specific letters.

Melanie Smith (UK) in collaboration with Rafael Ortega (MX): On display in the Black Box is Xilitla (2010) a film that centers on the garden Las Pozas de Xilitla. The English writer and patron of the arts Edward James transformed the remote Mexican venue into a Surrealist Eden with architecture and concrete structures. Smith portrays the surroundings through repetitions and reflections.

Jason Diakité (SE) and Maria Bajt (SE) a tale of art, trees and cows is interwoven with intricate imagery to form both a children’s book and a colorful exhibition. The third in a series of art books for children, Cows Can Dream is a discovery of art and the park both real and imaginary. Each year, new authors and artists collaborate on a children’s book experiment.

Throughout the season Revisit features guided tours with artists who have permanent work in the park.

Wanås is located in the south of Sweden two hours from Copenhagen, Denmark. For public transportation take bus 542 leaving from Hässleholm train station.

For hours, admission and additional information, the public is encouraged to visit, or contact info [​at​] / +46 (0)44 660 71.

Media contact: press [​at​]

2013 season at Wanås Konst
Wanås Konst
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