March 20, 2013 - Consonni - HPC
March 20, 2013


Illustration by Josune Urrutia.

consonni presents HPC

C/ Conde Mirasol, 13-LJ1D
E-48003 Bilbao

T+ 34 944 078 265
info [​at​]

consonni is an art production organization located in Bilbao. Since 1997, consonni has been inviting artists to develop projects that do not take on the shape of an art object exhibited in a space. These collaborators have included Jon Mikel Euba, Matthieu Laurette, Hinrich Sachs, Andrea Fraser, Sergio Prego, Ibon Aranberri, Itziar Okariz, Saioa Olmo, Iratxe Jaio & Klaas van Gorkum, Virginia Villaplana, Nacho Magro, María Ruido, Itziar Barrio, Alex Reynolds, Asli Cavusoglu, Asier Mendizabal, Martha Rosler, Phil Collins, and Jeleton. These consonni-produced projects tend to be of a long-term nature.

HPC, in contrast, functions as a collaboration on a smaller scale (in terms of resources and duration), as a way to experiment with the fact that consonni has a street-level venue, and to test out the use that is proposed for the space when it is shared.

HPC stands for “Habitación propia compartida,” or “Own room to share,” after Virginia Woolf, a championing of the (public and private) space that women need for themselves in order to work, reflect and create.

HPC is also a specific programme within the activities developed by consonni, whereby an invitation is made to a series of professionals to develop a concrete programme. The idea is to create a conceptual chain linking each event. Where the first person ends their contribution is where the next person takes it forward from. This scheduling chain begins in March 2013 with Pablo Marte, continues with Johanna Gustafsson Fürst, Fermin Jimenez Landa among others to confirm… and then we shall see where this particular interpretation of an exquisite corpse ends up…

consonni presents HPC with Pablo Marte: The problem lies in the medium
Pablo Marte‘s (b. 1975, Cadiz) work revolves around the way that processes of image significance and discourse production are articulated—and rearticulated—through a symptomatic, expansive, heterogeneous assembly practice. With The problem lies in the medium, Pablo Marte’s project for HPC sets out to rethink categories such as imitation, copy, remake, reproduction, repetition, plagiarism, fake or falsification, interpretation or inspiration, simulacrum, parody, pastiche, burlesque, satire… Words that point to a particular link between one cultural product and another that preceded it; a lengthy citation alluding to subjects within a historic relation, or a rethinking of the relationship itself, which amounts to the same thing. It is very fitting to kick off with this theme, given that consonni’s programming for this venue is inspired precisely by a previous cultural product (i.e. Woolf’s novel).

Session 1.
Around Pretty Woman and other stories, a film with Alexander Kluge, by Pablo Marte 
At consonni
Thursday 21st March, 19:30h

Session 2. 
Lecture by Walter Benjamin
At Bilbao Reproductions Museum
Thursday 11th April, 18h

Session 3. 
Dramatisation of a fragment of The aesthetics of resistance by Peter Weiss. In collaboration with the artist Karin Dolk and the freelance language trainer Alicja Bradel
At consonni 
Saturday 20th April, 19:30h

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