November 13, 2012 - Signal - Center for Contemporary Art - Karl Larsson
November 13, 2012

Karl Larsson

Karl Larsson, Umbrella, 2012. Screen printed poster, 70 x 100cm.

Karl Larsson
R, A, I, N (Consensus)

16 November, 2012–20 January, 2013

Signal–Center for Contemporary Art
Monbijougatan 15, entrance from the backyard
SE 211 53 Malmö, Sweden
Hours: Thursday–Friday 2–6pm,
Saturday 1–5pm, Sunday noon–4pm

A note on R, A, I, N (Consensus) *

This is an exhibition dedicated to verticality. 

Is human vision dependent on weight? In other words, upon the fact that one either falls or doesn’t?

“I always fall into the apparent.”

This is an exhibition dedicated to rain. Liquid water in the form of droplets that have been condensed from atmospheric water vapor and become heavy enough to fall under gravity. 

Does it shatter groups of people? Does it bring individuals together? 

“I want to wash you with my hair.”

This is an exhibition dedicated to the reader. 

Can you avoid theatricalization? Can you break free from the everyday fabric of fiction? 

“This object owns me.”

* The exhibition R, A, I, N (Consensus) at Signal, Malmö, is one part of a collaborative project that comprises the book Consensus (The Room),** published by Paraguay Press, and the exhibition P∞L (Consensus) at castillo/corrales, Paris, that will open in January 2013; three acts, or a timing, that are not fully meant to overlap.

** Consensus (The Room) is a theater play in two acts, that may not be designed to be performed. Characters, props and places don’t follow each other but they look alike. They don’t communicate. They remain stubborn, or stupid – as if they were blind to their destinies, content with hearing voices. The scene gives room for writing; the stage gives way to the text. Words are to be handled and exchanged, the same way money circulates, glasses are filled up and emptied out, wars are remembered, and phones call on ghosts.

Signal is run by Carl Lindh, Emma Reichert and Elena Tzotzi.




Karl Larsson at Signal – Center for Contemporary Art
Signal - Center for Contemporary Art
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