April 8, 2012 - Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (PICA) - New space
April 8, 2012

New space

Three views of PICA. Photo: Andrew Billing.

PICA launches a new space with an invitation.
415 SW 10th Avenue (Suite 300)
Portland, OR 97205

Opening April 13, 2012


Over PICA’s 17 years, we’ve had a one-time gallery, a handful of borrowed offices, and a nomadic inclination to break camp every now-and-then and try something new. We’ve shared desks, squatted, crashed on couches (literal and figurative), and built and disassembled every facility we’ve occupied. Now, we’ve come home to a space of our own—a hub for our activity that is focused on the people and art within. With this move comes a natural impulse to poke and prod and question our tenets. What is a wandering organization with a front door?

To help break in our new space and test the easy answers, PICA has invited artists that question our culture and challenge our comfort. From installations to lectures to working residencies to hybrid symposia, we’ll fill the room with projects and provocations. PICA’s home will never be all things to all people, but it will be many things to us, and we hope our friends and artists and curious others will find their own uses for it. It won’t be the end of our peripatetic activities—wandering is in our DNA—but rather a generative space from which to launch events beyond these walls.

Here are just some of the artists who will make our springtime and new space more interesting:

Glen Fogel: My Apocalyptic Moment
Artist Glen Fogel presents video, installation, and new work that mines material from personal histories and objects, revealing the ways in which our identities are projected through our possessions.
Through June 30.

Alex Felton: I Don’t Want to Work. But I Love the Workplace.
Resource Room Residency
The RRR program launches with artist Alex Felton, who has been asked to work with and around PICA’s library and the idea of collections generally. Felton will explore the boundaries of the artist’s studio and an anti-didactic impulse in art.
Through June 30.

Caden Manson/Big Art Group
Big Art Group is an experimental performance ensemble that remixes traditional theater structures through deconstructed narratives and real-time film. Co-founder and Artistic Director Caden Manson will discuss the company’s blend of marginal and mainstream culture and technology, and their 2012 Time-Based Art Festival residency project, The People—Portland.
May 15

PICA Symposium: Bodies, Identities & Alternative Economies
In residence to develop his TBA:12 work, choreographer Keith Hennessy will lead a weekend symposium of live performance and conversations that question convention, queer our practices, and expose the moment of artistic creation. Featuring a screening of A.L. Steiner and A.K. Burns socio-sexual film, Community Action Center; Neal Gorenflo of online magazine Shareable.net; and a one-night performance of Crotch, Hennessy’s seminal solo dance.
June 21–24

About PICA
Since 1995, PICA has championed the practice of contemporary artists from around the world, driving vital conversations about the art and issues of today. PICA presents artists from visual and performing art and embraces those individuals who exist at the borders of genres and ideas. Through artist residencies and exhibitions, lectures and workshops, and the annual Time-Based Art Festival, PICA constructs a broad platform for contemporary art.


PICA launches a new space
Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (PICA)
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