October 12, 2020 - Timișoara Architecture Biennial - Enough IS Enough
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October 12, 2020
October 12, 2020

Timișoara Architecture Biennial

Enough IS Enough.


Enough IS Enough - exhibition on #Responsibility. Part of Beta2020 - Timișoara Architecture Biennial.

Enough IS Enough - exhibition on #Responsibility. Part of Beta2020 - Timișoara Architecture Biennial.

Enough IS Enough
Working for a Beta city, on the occasion of Timișoara Architecture Biennial Beta 2020
September 25–October 25, 2020

Timișoara Architecture Biennial
Diaconu Coresi 12
300588 Timișoara
Hours: Monday–Friday 10am–6pm


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We now live in uncertain times and somehow we are conditioned by a health crisis, but the involvement in building a better future of our planet must not stop. The relationship of the human being with architecture has been changing throughout history and one question that Timișoara Architecture Biennial invites us to think about and offers us answers is: How do we want to live in the future and what does responsibility towards the build environment involve?

Timișoara Architecture Biennial - Beta 2020 takes place between September 25-October 25, in Timișoara, Romania. This 3rd edition will address the theme of responsibility for the present and future built and yet unbuilt environment, in an attempt to become a platform that articulates a position towards the ever increasing pressures (ecological, social, cultural, economic, etc) that the construction sector generates.

The construction industry consumes about half of all resources extracted from the earth and is responsible for more than a third of global energy use and emissions, with cement production alone accounting for roughly 7% of CO2 output.  Reducing this environmental toll will require a radical new approach to construction—starting with the way architects approach design.

The main exhibition of the biennial, Enough IS Enough, curated by architects Anca Cioarec Brînduşa Tudor and Ilka Ruby, presents dozens of projects—local and international—made by architects who have had enough of waiting for “top-down” solutions and have found their own ways of using what already exists: Why use too much, when enough will do? Their works highlight the ways in which our planet can be treated with respect and responsibility—toward the environment, toward the economy and toward the society as a whole. 

Beta 2020 is sending a message of hope to society, the community and the planet. There are many solutions, but time is not one of them.

“Do we really have to build? We always should consider “no” as a possible answer. We think it's essential to look at what we already have, to observe the inventory of local resources, the reuse of abandoned and unused buildings, to find methods to make them livable, and demolition to be our last option, to take care of, maintain and repair what is broken, to reuse, to recover materials, to remember our craft and to try to adapt it to both the design and the construction process. And if we have to build again, from the beginning, let's appreciate experimenting and researching new materials that are good for the environment—i.e. biodegradable, renewable materials, care for the community, projects that value the community, sharing, exchange, participation, collaboration, projects that bring people together, and sharing knowledge and awareness that a responsible attitude will have a true impact only on a larger scale, therefore it is essential for us to share experiences of good practice and scientific knowledge to be as accessible as possible, so we propose to learn together in a practical and interactive way.” as stated by architects Ilka Ruby, Anca Cioarec and Brînduşa Tudor.

Beta 2020 wants to become a platform for knowledge and dialogue for everyone. It addresses not only professionals in the field (architects, urbanists, landscape designers, restorers, construction engineers, artists, architecture / construction / art students), but it also acts as a “call” for the citizens, that reminds them to be more careful and more responsible for their city. Therefore, among the multitude of events from the programme, those interested will find movie screenings, architecture guided tours, exhibitions, installations, architecture conferences dedicated to the professional body, debates and workshops.

The entire programme can be found at: betacity.eu
Timișoara Architecture Biennial Beta 2020 is organized by the Romanian Order of Architects - Timiș Territorial Branch and The City Hall of the Municipality of Timișoara.

With the support of
Public Transport Museum “Corneliu Miklosi”, RETIM Ecologic Service SA, Lipoplast, Romanian Design Week, Cemacon, Timiș County Council,  Banat's University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine “King Michael I of Romania”

Timișoara Architecture Biennial
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