January 23, 2012 - Bonniers Konsthall - An exhibition by Lisa Jonasson and Tomás Saraceno 14 Billions (Working Title)
January 23, 2012

An exhibition by Lisa Jonasson and Tomás Saraceno 14 Billions (Working Title)

Lisa Jonasson, Collage from Man’s Inner in Average, 2012.
Photo: Lisa Jonasson.

New exhibition:
Lisa Jonasson
Man’s Inner in Average

25 January–29 April 2012

New Publication:
Tomás Saraceno
14 Billions (Working Title)

Bonniers Konsthall
Torsgatan 19
Stockholm, Sweden

Lisa Jonasson, Man’s Inner in Average
25 January–29 April 2012
Lisa Jonasson transforms colored paper into figures with scissors. It is both intuitive and meticulous work that takes place at her studio table and later develops into large collages. The figures, equal parts human, animal, and fantasy, can be said to form states of mind and provoke thoughts connected to what it is to be human today. There are glimpses in the titles of these pieces of everyday phenomena: career stress, fixation with appearance, and ideas about perfect parenting. For the exhibition Man’s Inner in Average, Lisa Jonasson will have her remarkable figures enlarged and attached to Bonniers Konsthall’s street-facing glass walls. The exhibition also includes seven new collages.

Lisa Jonasson is one of the young artists that Bonniers Konsthall has followed closely for several years. In 2006 she was part of the group show 20 Years! Grant Recipients of the Maria Bonnier Dahlin Foundation 1985–2005. Man’s Inner in Average is part of the exhibition series In the Spetsen gallery in which artists are invited to make new work for the far end of the exhibition hall. Previous artists in this series include Astrid Svangren, Ulla von Brandenburg, and Malin Pettersson Öberg.

Lisa Jonasson was born in 1978 in Stockholm and educated at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. Her work has been shown at Kulturhuset in Stockholm, Gävle konstcentrum, Kunsterlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin, and elsewhere. She has her own biennial: The Lisa Jonasson Biennial, a project with a lifetime contract in partnership with a group of curators.

Tomás Saraceno 14 Billions (Working Title)
The new publication Tomás Saraceno 14 Billions (Working Title) showcases more than 200 images of the making of Argentinian artist Tomás Saraceno’s 400 cubic meter installation of a Black Widow’s spider web that the artist developed in collaboration with spider researchers and astrophysicists, and exhibited at Bonniers Konsthall in 2010. Among the writers in the book are Sara Arrhenius, Jeffrey Kastner and Hans-Ulrich Obrist. The book is designed by Tomás Saraceno’s studio and published by Bonniers Konsthall and Skira. Available in Bonniers Konsthall’s shop! To order the book, send an email to sales@bonnierskonsthall.se.

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