November 22, 2011 - Prefix Institute of Contemporary Art - Prefix Photo 24
November 22, 2011

Prefix Photo 24

Prefix Photo 24
Big Skies

Release Party:
Thursday, November 24, 2011, 7–10 PM

Prefix Institute of Contemporary Art
124–401 Richmond Street West
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5V 3A8

Gallery hours:
Wednesday–Saturday, 12–5 PM

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Cover photo: Trevor Paglen

Prefix Institute of Contemporary Art is pleased to announce the release of the twenty-fourth issue of Prefix Photo magazine. On the subject of big skies, editor Scott McLeod writes: “To gaze upon the sky is to reflect upon the infinite. With the rare exception of astronauts, one engages with the sky from one’s position on the ground. Even when searching the cosmos with the mightiest telescope, one is invariably limited by one’s earthbound position. How, then, to separate the big sky from little Earth? It can’t be done, for our appreciation of the one necessitates our consciousness of the other.” The notion of big skies resonates strongly with the art and texts represented within the magazine, as follows:

Curator Sarah Robayo Sheridan offers close readings of the artist’s books Clear Sky and LA Air by Bruce Nauman, with specific attention to their materials and methods of production in relation to their purchase on documentary representation. She examines the artworks in the context of other works by the artist and those of his peers, noting, among other influences, that of Californian cultural geography.

Curator Scott McLeod examines a host of new and recent works from the Canadian Prairies. Noting that the prairie landscape reveals in its putative emptiness a complex range of subtle variations, the author offers an interpretive analysis of the work of artists Scott Benesiinaabandan and Kerri-Lynn Reeves, Deanna Bowen, Evin Collis, Kandis Friesen, Don Gill, Meghan Krauss, Danny Singer, Diana Thorneycroft and Time and Desire. Penetrating the accumulation of sentiment and resisting the lure of romance and nostalgia, these artists offer compelling alternatives to official and popular histories.

Writer Claire Christie combines family history and inherited memories with two distinct sets of images: vintage photographs from her grandfather and contemporary stills by her brother-in-law, filmmaker Peter Lynch. In so doing, she conveys a personal narrative of the southern Alberta prairie, evoking the region’s mythic dimension and illustrating its enduring appeal.

Artist and writer Kathleen Ritter conveys her childhood experience of shooting her first roll of film, citing the giant rift between the imagined and the actual image, and referencing the concepts of amodal perception and active viewing. She questions: “What do we do with the images we see—what is left out, edited or magnified by the activity of looking? What is an image’s retinal afterlife, its affect, its sensory residue? How is an image misremembered?

Other contributors include Willie Doherty, John Haney, Aidan McNeill, Trevor Paglen, Mungo Thomson, Jill Glessing, Robyn McCallum, Sarah Munro and Carol-Ann Ryan.

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