July 15, 2011 - Neues Museum - State Museum for Art and Design in Nuremberg - Martin Woehrl
July 15, 2011

Martin Woehrl

Martin Wöhrl, “Maß und Werk,” 2011.
Photo: Neues Museum Nuremberg (Annette Kradisch)

Martin Wöhrl.
Maß und Werk

20 May–18 September 2011

State Museum for Art and Design in Nuremberg
Postal Address: Luitpoldstraße 5
90402 Nuremberg

The six spaces facing onto Klarissenplatz provide the unusual, double-storey setting for our new exhibition series called /prospekt/, which we launched in 2009. This spring, the internationally recognized German artist Martin Wöhrl is developing an exhibition concept especially for these spaces, which lie directly behind the museum’s glass facade and can be viewed from outside like a shop window. Wöhrl has become known for his highly distinctive sculptural oeuvre. The starting point for his works are everyday building materials such as concrete, tiles, particle board panels and door leaves, whereby he often recycles items that have already been used. His wide-ranging subject matter includes all kinds of utility objects—from tables and lamps to flooring elements and playing field markings. Wöhrl borrows freely from the vocabulary of design, incorporating lettering, emblems, ornamental motifs or corporate logos into his sculptural works. His extensive thematic repertoire also features architectural elements such as tracery, window designs or wall panelling.

Martin Wöhrl was born in Munich in 1974. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich until 2002, completing his studies at the art schools in Edinburgh and Glasgow. His work has been presented internationally in group and solo exhibitions since 1999. The installation he has devised for /prospekt/ takes the form of a ‘window behind a window’ and spans both storeys of the building. At this critical interface between the museum and the exterior environment, Wöhrl’s work initiates a dialogue between visual art, traditional crafts and architecture.

Curators: Melitta Kliege, Angelika Nollert

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Closed on Monday

Courtesy: Tanja Pol Galerie München.

Martin Woehrl
Neues Museum - State Museum for Art and Design in Nuremberg
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