May 13, 2011 - S.M.A.K. - TRACK in Ghent
May 13, 2011

TRACK in Ghent

TRACK Manifestos displayed in the city of Ghent.

Another 364 days to go
12 May–16 September 2012
Ghent, Belgium

Saturday, 12 May 2012Curators
Philippe Van Cauteren (S.M.A.K., Ghent, Belgium), Mirjam Varadinis (Kunsthaus Zürich, Switzerland)


1. A city has no boundaries.

2. Art has no boundaries.

3. TRACK has no boundaries.

4. TRACK is an exhibition that serves as a tool with which to act, reflect, consider, discover, reveal, experience, contradict and enjoy the city, art and the public space.

5. TRACK is a call for action, for dialogue, between the city, its inhabitants and its visitors. It interacts with different communities of all kinds and calls for participation.

6. TRACK approaches the city as an open source where history mingles with the present and where a local reality meets with the global human condition.

7. TRACK incites to shift modes of perception and to embrace the visionary and critical potential of art.

8. TRACK encounters the multiple identities of a place and opens unexpected, surprising, hidden, forgotten and new means of access, insights and perspectives on the city, art and the times we live in.

9. TRACK redefines the idea of a city centre and unfolds the city towards the limits of its proper understanding.

10. TRACK appears as a universe of parallel narratives, occurrences, encounters and (hi)stories.

11. TRACK performs, acts, plays, reads, listens, watches, sees and offers art experiences with no boundaries.

12. TRACK is a temporary exhibition with 30 international artists that leaves permanent traces in the intimate, private and public spheres.

13. TRACK embraces society, its threats, problems, visions, changes and dreams. It faces reality as a truth, challenging common sense and thought with no fear.

(TRACK MANIFESTO / GHENT / VERSION 1.0 / 11.05.2011)

The TRACK Manifesto is available in 10 languages on


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