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March 5, 2011

Recently on Agenda

Rachel Whiteread, “Grey, Pink, Yellow, Grey,” 2010.
Resin, 6.25 x 52.125 x 4.5 inches.
Courtesy of Luhring Augustine.

Recently on Agenda

Over the last couple of weeks Agenda has seen reviews of surprisingly diverse practices and presentation formats: Paddy Johnson on Kai Althoff’s solo show at Gladstone, New York, April Lamm on two sound performances by Annika Eriksson and Olaf Nicolai respectively at VW (VeneKlasen/Werner), Berlin, and Filipa Ramos on the group show “Are you Glad to be in America?” at Massimo De Carlo, Milan. Fresh off the press today is Karen Archey’s review of the Armory, ADAA The Art Show, and Independent. More coming soon from Octavio Zaya on Elmgreen and Dragset at Helga de Alvear, Madrid; Kirsty Bell on Cerith Wyn Evans at Galerie Neu, Berlin and Vivian Rehberg on Joachim Koester at Jan Mot, Brussels.

The Armory, ADAA The Art Show, and Independent, New York
Karen Archey makes the trip around Planet Armory and its satellites: “… mechanizing artworks for the sole purpose of demanding a ‘how did they do that’ moment of aesthetic arrest is as regressive as it is annoying.”

“Are You Glad to Be in America?” at Massimo De Carlo, Milan
Filipa Ramos stumbles into a Spaghetti Western of a different sort: there’s no business like show business when Annie gets her gun at Massimo De Carlo, Milan.

Olaf Nicolai and Annika Eriksson at “Symphony” a performance series by SOUNDFAIR at VeneKlasen/Werner in Berlin
April Lamm is drawn into the “eye music” of Olaf Nicolai and the magnetic field of Annika Eriksson at VW, Berlin.

Kai Althoff’s, “Punkt, Absatz, Blümli” (period, paragraph, Blümli), at Gladstone Gallery, New York
Paddy Johnson on Kai Althoff at Barbara Gladstone: “Tenderness, even if it ends up stuffed in a ventilation shaft, can never truly be erased.”

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Recently on Agenda
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