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February 15, 2011


MiArt 2011

8–11 April 2011

Thursday 7 April, invitation only

fieramilanocity, Milan, pavilions 3


The sixteenth edition of MiArt, International Modern and Contemporary Art Fair to be held in Milan from 8th to 11th April at fieramilanocity, presents top international artists through one hundred galleries of prestige: a collection of all that’s best in art from the early 20th century up to most recent experiments.

Wandering through the various stands, it’s possible to piece together the past, to rebuild a history of ideals regards artistic expression via the activities of the gallery.

The historical sector is a tour through incredible arts of work, kicking off with the masters from the 1900s (Balla, Boccioni, de Chirico … and also Chagall, Klee, Ernst, Mirò, Picasso …) and moving through the various movements which made up the bases of Arte Povera and then on to the innovative styles of the 1970s and onwards.

From shape, to its redefinition: a reflection that brings together the Milanese group from “Il Milione” art gallery and the artists from Como, Manlio Rho and Radice, creating an Italian abstraction, but also constituting the vast successive movement of the “Informale”. The collage pictures of Dubuffet, Tapies and Burri and be traced back to this, as can the spatial designs of Fontana and his followers, and the sign art of Capogrossi. And indeed, the experimentation of the Roman group including Vedova, Corpora and Dorazion and also Consagra, Sanfilippo and Accardi.

Kinetic art is well-represented too, from Colombo, Biasi and Alviani.

Also present, personalities less definable according to specific trends: including Uncini, Spagnulo, Marca-Relli and Lucien Freud. And then there is the Pop Art and décollage from Rotella and Villeglè.

The Arte Povera therefore, marks the transition from the historical sector to the contemporary one, with the Transavantgarde and Conceptual Art, the Fluxus movement and the neo-impressionists, above all the German ones, who are still a source of inspiration for the artists closer to home.

The artist research of the young artists as Tuttofuoco, Caravaggio, Cuoghi, Meese, Di Lillo is present in a significantly way.

Both installation and classic art continue to have a privileged position above all amongst artists such as Durhan, Hempel, Camoni, Garutti, Beecroft and Airò. Whilst video is represented by artists such as Bajevic, Paci, Welz, Husni-Bey, Alterzioni Video and photography by the works of Mir, Vedovamazzei, Basilico, Kulik and Benvenuto.

And as well as all this, a series of initiatives inside and out of the fair, organised with public and private bodies for the promotion of contemporary art: Rotary Club Milano Brera sponsors the third edition of the Rotary Award for contemporary art and young artists.

On the evening of 9th April, in collaboration with NABA Art Academy who host the event, MiArt presents “100 di 50″, a big historic and contemporary event on performance art.

Organised by Giacinto Di Pietrantonio and Marco Scotini, it is centred around live and documentary material (photos, videos, drawings) of a huge number of performances from the Sixties to today.

In fact “100 di 50″ will stage 100 performances that have contributed to the history of contemporary art in the past 50 years. The aim is to demonstrate that an art form by nature temporary has managed to make the ephemeral into something long-lasting.

“100 di 50″ endeavours to represent 5 decades of art during which the possibilities of performance art fascinated not only the art world, but also other areas of impor-tance to Milan and the world, such as design, architecture and fashion. The 100 performances from the past 50 years will touch on all fields of expression, with artists including Abramovic, Sehgal, Ondak, Maloberti, Berti, Beuys, Baldessarri, Kounellis, Ontani, Pettena, Mendini, Brown, Beecroft, Acconci, Pistoletto, Pane, Maiolino and Raskin.

So MiArt is not only an excellent art fair, but also promoter of events involving all components of the system: artists, gallery owners, collectors, curators, critics, museum directors, institutions and specialised press and bookshops.

The common aim of all activities is to offer a series of promptings and thoughts on the shape of art to come, on future lines of research, with as starting point the excellence of the present market.

Rassegne S.p.a., Gruppo Fiera Milano S.p.a.
Strada Statale del Sempione , 28 – 20017 Rho (Mi)
Phone + 39 02 49971 / Fax +39 02 49976579 | e-mail miart@fieramilano.it- www.miart.it

MiArt Press Office:

Maria Grazia Vernuccio
Phone +39 3351282864 | e-mail: mariagrazia.vernuccio@gmail.com

Fiera Milano Press Office:
Rosy Mazzanti: Phone +39 0249977456 | e-mail: rosy.mazzanti@fieramilano.it;
Elisa Vittozzi: Phone +39 0249977456 | e-mail: elisa.vittozzi@fieramilano.it

miart – International Fair of Modern and Contemporary Art
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