January 20, 2011 - Bloomberg SPACE - COMMA30 and COMMA31
January 20, 2011


Installation shots of the COMMA series at Bloomberg SPACE by David Jablonowski and Myriam Mechita.

A dynamic new series of commissions enabling artists to experiment and expand their practice

COMMA30 David Jablonowski
COMMA31 Myriam Mechita

Exhibition continues until 12 February 2011

Bloomberg SPACE
50 Finsbury Square
London EC2A 1HD

COMMA 30 David Jablonowski
As an artist, Jablonowski asks questions about the potential of communication in contemporary visual culture. Through sculpture and film, he explores the way language is established and developed and then reproduced technically in relation to political and historical discourse. For Jablonowski, ‘History has been produced and constructed by sign-constructions, which means that historical events, structures and processes are inseparably connected to their representation.’

For COMMA at Bloomberg SPACE, Jablonowski will transform the front gallery through a series of specially commissioned sculptures and film. The sculptures made from plaster, paper, and metal use a range of principles to establish form and positioning. They are surrounded by a web of moving images consisting of 4 sequences referring to semiotic history. The sculptures keep the viewer at a distance so they are unable to decipher the display’s immediate meaning. The repetitive and unsustainable promise of a valid direction of communication is expressed in the work which questions the contemporary understanding of sign systems; making us aware, not only of the transience of visual language, but also of the display systems at work.

COMMA 31 Myriam Mechita
Myriam Mechita’s installations function like a window into the artist’s dream, creating a fantastic visual universe. The work stimulates the spectator’s attention by soliciting the memory of her senses. Drawings are constructed from discontinued lines, wallpapers are made of thousands of patiently embroidered sequins, and her sculptures are created from encrusted pearls. Light is central to the work, and through intensely engaging our perception by multiplying mirrors, split images, palindromes and shapeless shadows, she builds on an illusion.

Mechita’s new work for COMMA creates a landscape of sprawling murals and sculptures which take over the walls and floor of the back gallery. Her phantasmagorical world combines animals, skulls, mountains, and castles in ruins. It is a mythical world made contemporary. Her use of materials conveys an undeniable glamour and decadence: latex, glitter, coloured pearls and feathers are used alongside painted wood, and ceramic.

About Bloomberg SPACE
Bloomberg SPACE is a gallery based at Bloomberg’s European headquarters in London and is dedicated to commissioning and exhibiting contemporary art. It welcomes visitors six days a week and admission is free.

COMMA continues with commissions including:
23 February – 26 March
COMMA 32 Lidwien Van de Ven
COMMA 33 Linda Quinlin

Bloomberg SPACE, 50 Finsbury Square, London EC2A 1HD

Open: Monday to Saturday 11am – 6pm
Admission Free

Nearest stations: Moorgate & Liverpool Street

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T + 44 20 7330 7959

Bloomberg SPACE
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