January 6, 2011 - Hugh Lane Gallery - Seminar series
January 6, 2011

Seminar series

Richard Tuttle, “Village V,” 2004.
Installation in Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane.

Seminar series

Richard Tuttle and Thomas McEvilley in conversation
3 February 2011

“Recent Developments in the Social Situation of Art”
Public lecture by Thomas McEvilley

4 February 2011

Charlemont House
Parnell Square North
Dublin 1, Ireland
T + 353 1 2225552
F + 353 1 8741132

In conjunction with Triumphs—the current exhibition by Richard Tuttle at Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, a seminar series will take place in collaboration with the Irish National College of Art and Design’s MA programme ‘Art in the Contemporary World’. Over the course of five seminars, artists, critics, and curators will respond to Triumphs and take it as a point of departure to discuss current art practice. Each session will look at the work of Richard Tuttle in the context of four overarching themes: aesthetics, philosophy, science and history. The format will be a public lecture on Thursdays, followed by a seminar on Fridays. The lectures are free and open to the public; however booking is necessary for the seminars (email logan.sisley@dublincity.ie). Participants at the seminars are required to do background reading and take part in focus groups and discussions.

Thursday 20th January, 4.30pm & Friday 21st January, 1pm
Aesthetics, Colour, Sensuality and Materiality

Thursday 3rd February, 1pm
Richard Tuttle and Thomas McEvilley in conversation

Friday 4th February, 1pm
“Recent Developments in the Social Situation of Art” a Public lecture by Thomas McEvilley

Thursday 24th February, 4.30pm & Friday 25th February, 1pm
Philosophical Alternatives

Thursday 10th March, 4.30pm & Friday 11th March, 1pm
The Science of Alternatives

Thursday 31st March, 4.30pm & Friday 1st April, 1pm
Social Histories

A further series of public talks will take place on Wednesday mornings and Sunday afternoons. See www.hughlane.ie for details.

Triumphs takes its title from the Italian poet Petrarch (1304-1374) whose renowned poems ‘The Triumphs’ Richard Tuttle was reading while preparing for this exhibition. Classical Rome in the time of Emperor Augustus, the Augustan aesthetic and its revival in neo-classicism form part of the framework for the exhibition. For Triumphs, The Hugh Lane and its history also became part of the raw material that Richard Tuttle employed. James Caulfeild, the 1st Earl of Charlemont (1728-1799) translated Petrarch’s poems, a manuscript of which is in the Royal Irish Academy, Dublin. Tuttle’s exhibition takes place in Charlemont House, one of the earliest neo-classical townhouses in Dublin, as well as in the Gallery’s new wing. In working with Richard we have realised that he always keeps things in motion—the question lies with the viewer who is never second guessed by the artist.

The work of Richard Tuttle is at times so slight and seemingly impermanent that it demands a rethinking of what we perceive an artwork to be. He employs humble, everyday materials to stretch the boundaries of what we recognize as the conventions of art. This is undertaken with an immense consideration of the civilizing values that shape and reshape our perceptions of reality.

“The benefits of freeing drawing from a canon are obvious, and I would like it to remain free forever.”—Richard Tuttle

Triumphs is accompanied by a fully-illustrated catalogue with texts by Thomas McEvilley, Richard Tuttle, Barbara Dawson and Michael Dempsey, which is available in the Gallery bookshop.

Opening hours:
Tuesday to Thursday 10.00am– 6.00pm
Friday & Saturday 10.00am–5.00pm
Sunday 11.00am–5.00pm
Closed Mondays

Admission free

*Image above:
© Richard Tuttle. Courtesy of Sperone Westwater.

Seminar series
Hugh Lane Gallery
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