December 21, 2010 - East of Borneo - East of Borneo: new online publication
December 21, 2010

East of Borneo: new online publication

East of Borneo
A collaborative art journal and multimedia archive edited by
Thomas Lawson

New online publication frames a discussion of contemporary art and its modern history as considered from
Los Angeles

The launch of East of Borneo marks the convergence of two very distinct lines of thought. What is the nature, and the future, of art magazines? And how might we give form to the sprawling history of art in Los Angeles, a form that can be generative and productive, not merely descriptive or fancifully speculative?

Launched in October 2010, East of Borneo is a collaborative online art journal and multimedia archive that offers a new way to research and present the various histories of contemporary art. Its hybrid form—which publishes newly commissioned art writing within a larger context of user generated material—reflects an editorial process of thinking through the delights and constraints of printed magazines, and fully considering the transcendent possibilities of online publishing today.

East of Borneo is a new model for art publishing that rethinks traditional editorial structures, using the power of networked collectivity to create depth and complexity. Articles incorporate web-savvy multimedia footnotes that offer readers immediate access to the primary materials–video, images, links and texts–that the writers have used in their research. Readers can upload additional items of their own, creating a growing archive of relevant content that activates and enriches the editorial material, highlighting unexpected connections and encouraging new lines of thought.

As you navigate the site today, you’ll find a range of content that reflects the sprawling, rhizomatic nature of Los Angeles as well as the broader international art world.

Recent articles include:
Value Engineering: Roger Corman in His Own Context
by Michael Ned Holte

Mythology and the Remake: The Culture of Re-performance and Strategies of Simulation
by Jenni Sorkin

Character Development: Brody Condon’s Level5 and the Avant-LARP of Becoming Self
by Jennifer Krasinski

Kalifornienträumen: Bertolt Brecht’s Los Angeles Poems and Other Sunstruck Germanic Specters
by Quinn Latimer

From a Waxy Yellow Build-Up to a Nervous Breakdown: The Fleeting Existence of Mary Hartman. Mary Hartman
By Claire Barliant

Do You Believe in Television? Chris Burden and TV
by Nick Stillman

Don Bachardy: Regarding Portraits
by Susan Morgan

“As a writer,” notes Editor-in-Chief Thomas Lawson, “I have become accustomed to working in a way that allows skipping back and forth as a text builds, checking references and finding new evidence as a result of lateral moves across the internet. A few online publications allow readers a similarly multifaceted experience, although most quarantine reader participation in the shadow zone reserved for comments. Until now, no art publication has offered the kind of varied experiences provided by East of Borneo.”

East of Borneo is quickly becoming a substantial repository of information and interpretation from a multitude of perspectives. Visit us often to watch the site grow in both content and interactivity as we roll out further features. Visit us often to upload that telling image, indispensible text, incredible link. Join us on this journey.

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East of Borneo is published by the School of Art at the California Institute of the Arts and is funded in part by grants from the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and the J. Paul Getty Foundation.

East of Borneo
24700 McBean Parkway
Valencia, CA 91355
T: +1 661-253-7722

Press Contact: Margaret Crane,

East of Borneo: new online publication
East of Borneo
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