November 20, 2010 - Cabinet - Issue 39 – out now
November 20, 2010

Issue 39 – out now

Cabinet magazine issue 39, with a special section on “Learning,” available now

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Please open your books, turn to the first page, and follow along with:
– Brigid Doherty on Walter Benjamin and the “furnished man”
– Emily Apter on the design and dynamics of the seminar
– D. Graham Burnett on the sea slug’s role in cognitive science
– Daniel DeWispelare on the andrometer of Sir William Jones
– Jeff Dolven on the challenges, and rewards, of learning prosody
– Christopher Turner on A. S. Neill’s Summerhill school
– David Serlin on the pedagogy of the tactile
– Yara Flores on the heady charms of the schoolroom ditto machine
– An artist project by Lars Siltberg
And, for extra credit:
– The debut of Wayne Koestenbaum’s new column, “Legend”
– Margaret Wertheim on the mathematical meaning of the Rubik’s Cube
– Brian Dillon in conversation with Carol Mavor on the ambiguity of the Edwardian boy
– Declan Clarke on Heinrich Böll’s literature of ruins
– George Prochnik on the extraordinary case of “Christine Beauchamp”
– Justin E. H. Smith in conversation with Catalin Avramescu on the intellectual history of cannibalism
– Mark Bradley on the color amber
– Dominic Pettman on an ancient taxonomy of bruises
– Sebastian Cichocki on the paper “stones” left behind by the Stasi
– Artist projects by Diana Cooper and Tanya Marcuse

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Issue 39 - out now
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