November 12, 2010 - SCOPE Art Show - Talking Politics
November 12, 2010

Talking Politics

See Something Say Something
Talking Politics at Scope Miami

November 30 – December 5, 2010

SCOPE Miami 2010
The Miami Midtown Arts District
Midtown Boulevard (NE 1st Avenue) between NE 30th and NE 31st St.
Miami, FL 33127

Amid the numerous art fairs and curatorial exhibitions that populate Miami in early December, UP WITH MURAL, a project of The SCOPE Foundation, will step beyond aesthetic pleasure into a contemporary dialog of social justice.

UP WITH MURAL champions artists committed to community. Inspired by a working relationship between artists Maya Hayuk and Lilah Freedland, UP WITH MURAL was conceived to bring politics and community involvement back into the dialog of contemporary art.

Spanning a 250ft wall in the center of the Scope Art Fair, 6 artists will install 3 mural statements, each with its own directive:

Kayrock Screenprinting is both a business and a hub of artistic collaboration. Gangleaders Jef “Wolfy” Scharf and Karl LaRocca, have designed and printed show posters and art editions of their works, as well as works by Mike Smith, Cory Arcangel, Cecily Brown, Maya Hayuk, Chris Johansen, Faile, Breyer P-orridge, and Gary Panter, to name a few.

To quote the artists:
“The artists of Kayrock Screenprinting Inc. never intended to be political—they quickly learned to silence their ideologies in favor of the Almighty Dollar and went into selling political merchandise. The people and causes they have worked with throughout the years have always been interesting and exciting before and after their failures. They do hope that their pretty, pretty pictures will inspire others to rise above the maddening din of the liberal-controlled media to make the world a bestest place for all the furry animals and smiling children. The artists are quite sick and tired of politics and activism. They just want to be like the girls and have fun.”

Maya Hayuk is a Brooklyn based muralist, painter, photographer, printmaker, musician and Barnstormer. From her large-scale murals to small works on paper, her obsession with symmetry and nourishing color play out in what might be views from the Hubble Telescope.

Hayuk frequently collaborates with other artists and musicians, making album covers, posters, tee shirts,photographs, videos, video footage, murals and stage sets for Rye Rye/M.I.A, The Akron Family, TV on the Radio, Devendra Banhardt, Prefuse 73, Animal Collective and The Beastie Boys, amongst others. While Hayuk’s work may not be interpreted as overtly political, her dedication to the abstract plays of of light and love, spontaneous improvisation, and her commitment to the viewer’s individual interpretation serves to propose a unique political device, intent on promoting the power of self in society. Maya will be realizing this project with the assistance of artist Thyra Heder.

Eat Shit & Die is a loose collaborative of artists and musicians who come together to make text based work in public spaces. In this current incarnation Artists Kristen Schiele and Lilah Freedland create a conversation based on Einsten’s theories of Spooky Action at a Distance, and “the indication that even though we occupy separate spaces, there is no separation in consciousness.” Freedland and Schiele have collaborated previously on installation and performance based work: Riding America Like a Cheap Pony, as part of Cheap Fast and Out of Control at Scope NY 08, and Electroception at Socrates Sculpture Park, 07. In her individual practice Schiele creates work in painting, scenic installations and collage. The works are inspired by stage sets, cinema, folklore, allegory, kitsch, and story telling that is psychologically dramatic and playful. Freedland is a conceptual artist who’s darkly humorous work, often performative and ephemeral, is intent on communicating the viewer/participant’s potential, and the possibility individual greatness.

Attendees of SCOPE Miami 2010 can purchase advance tickets through Subports, a text to buy payment platform allowing visitors to interact with their surroundings at SCOPE. Among other exciting features, collectors will be able to receive information about artists simply by texting in codes found on the gallery walls. For more information visit:

Talking Politics
SCOPE Art Show
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