October 10, 2010 - Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain - Bruno Peinado: CASINO INCAOS – Baroque Courtoisie
October 10, 2010

Bruno Peinado: CASINO INCAOS – Baroque Courtoisie

Exhibition view with “L’Auguste n°3/8,” 2007, and “Sans titre, Life in Tokyo”, 2010.
Photo by Roman Mensing.

Bruno Peinado
CASINO INCAOS – Baroque Courtoisie

25 September 2010 – 9 January 2011

41, rue Notre-Dame
L – 2240 Luxembourg


Bruno Peinado
CASINO INCAOS – Baroque Courtoisie

Curator: Kevin Muhlen

The artwork by Bruno Peinado (*1970) is presented as an abounding and expandable group of heterogeneous elements from the culture industry in its widest sense. Indeed, literature, art history, cinema, music, advertising, pop culture, television and comic strips, to mention but a few, are all sources of food for thought for the artist and, a fortiori, his work. The quotations and references he delves into are deviated and reinterpreted. Like the network of cracks formed by the impact of a fist on a mirror, Bruno Peinado’s body of work involves a vast collection made up of interlinked elements that interpenetrate each other or collide.

His solo exhibition at Casino Luxembourg titled CASINO INCAOS – Baroque Courtoisie is constructed around the very principle of an inter-relational and creative dynamic. Conceived from the outset as a baroque installation filling the entire space of the venue, the exhibition is mainly composed of new productions created by this desire.

The first act of the setting up of the exhibition was the new arrangement of the letters of the luminous sign of the venue – CASINO becoming INCAOS through a simple game of anagrams. Much related shifting of gears ensued. Bruno Peinado conceived the exhibition according to his guiding principles, obstinately refusing a simple display of artworks. Certain older pieces have been revisited by the artist in order to re-engage them in a dialogue with the new productions. Beyond simply operating as a backdrop or scenographic support, the space also participates actively in the exhibition by sometimes placing the artworks in light, sometimes in shadow. Thumbing his nose at a linear and ordered exhibition circuit, the artist proposes to push the visitor into a veritable “baroque chaos” with an overwhelming visual impact.

A catalogue will be published during the exhibition with texts by Julien Fronsacq (curator at Palais de Tokyo, Paris), Patrice Joly (editor and director of the art magazine 02), Aude Launay (art critic), Clio Lavau (curator), Mick Peter (artist) and Lily Raynaud Dewar (artist).

The exhibition is realised with the support of Culturesfrance.

Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain
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*Image above
Right: Courtesy of the artist, production Casino Luxembourg.
Left: Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Loevenbruck, Paris.

Casino Luxembourg – Forum d'art contemporain

Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain
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