September 24, 2010 - art-agenda - What’s on the agenda?
September 24, 2010

What’s on the agenda?

View of Charlotte Posenenske at Artists Space, New York. Photo by Daniel Pérez.

What's on the agenda?


Rashid Johnson at Guido W. Baudach, Berlin
Kirsty Bell happens upon Rashid Johnson entwined in the mental disciplines of Black Yoga: “By treating the touchstones of history with levity, Johnson seems to be trying to find a way out of this cultural straitjacket, but a more flexible approach to form may be needed for the escape attempt to succeed.”
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Dennis Hopper at MOCA, Los Angeles
Tyler Coburn speculates on the Dennis Hopper show up at MOCA, curated by Julian Schnabel: “[If] Deitch has simply adapted this one-man show for his new city, courting the celebrities, the crowds, and the culturati through Hopper’s unusual toeing of Hollywood and the art world […] the only lingering question is whether Hopper’s art merits more than the industry chatter.”
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Charlotte Posenenske at Artists Space, New York
Adam Kleinman questions the complexity of exhibiting the work of an artist who no longer wanted to exhibit, Charlotte Posenenske, especially when it’s the relational fathers (Rirkrit Tiravanija) and kids (Ei Arakawa) who get to rearrange her industrial puzzle pieces.
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Kori Newkirk at Country Club, Los Angeles
Andrew Berardini heads out to the homey setting of LA’s exclusive Country Club to discover Kori Newkirk’s extreme “yen for physicality.”
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Temporäre Kunsthalle Berlin
Michèle Faguet reports on why the late-great Sympathie Ausstellungen (read: invite artists to invite their friends) of the Temporäre Kunsthalle Berlin was not such a bad curatorial principle after all.
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Michael Grossert at New Jerseyy, Basel
Quinn Latimer heads over to New Jerseyy (Basel) to muse on the space dedicated to walk-in sculptures (for temporary-midgets and dwarves) after witnessing the playground plans of architect Michael Grossert.
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Grilling the gallerist: Johann König interviewed by Jordan Wolfson
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Aoife Rosenmeyer on Fiona Banner at Tate Britain, London
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Media Farzin on “Lush Life” at 9 galleries on New York’s Lower East Side: Collette Blanchard Gallery, Eleven Rivington, Invisible-Exports, Lehmann Maupin, On Stellar Rays, Salon 94 Freemans, Scaramouche, Sue Scott Gallery and Y Gallery
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Colin Chinnery on MadeIn at Long March Space, Beijing
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Paddy Johnson on Jill Magid at the Whitney Museum, New York
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Tyler Coburn on Nashashibi/Skaer at Murray Guy, New York
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