September 16, 2010 - Campbelltown Arts Centre - The River Project
September 16, 2010

The River Project

Song Dong, “Writing Time With Water”, Campbelltown, 28 August 2010.
Performance still.*

The River Project
28 August – 24 October 2010

Cnr Camden & Appin Roads
Campbelltown NSW 2560, Australia

The River Project considers the Upper Georges River that runs through south west Sydney within the larger context of river systems of Asia and the Pacific by bringing together artists from Australia, China, India, Korea, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines and Vietnam whose work explores river systems. The River Project restates the important fact that nature and culture are not mutually exclusive. From the Yangtze, Mekong and Ganges to the Han, Sepik and Upper Georges, river systems reflect our interconnectedness, our fragility and our history. The way we engage with river systems today tells us much about who we are as a community.

As part of The River Project Campbelltown Arts Centre has commissioned new works by Graham ‘Nudge’ Blacklock, Tiffany Chung, Bonita Ely, Reena Kallat, Mike Parr and Song Dong. The exhibition also includes the Sepik River Project curated by Susan Cochrane with the assistance of Jeffry Feeger, which offers a focused insight into the contemporary painting and sculptural practices of artists from the Sepik River, Papua New Guinea.

The River Project’s performance program sees Mike Parr, Song Dong and Yin Xiuzhen commissioned to re-stage or re-interpret seminal performance works—Parr’s Pure Water Into Polluted Water 1971, Song’s ongoing Writing Time With Water and Yin’s Washing River 1995.

An illustrated colour catalogue has been published by Campbelltown Arts Centre in connection with the exhibition and features commissioned essays by Susan Cochrane, Sharyn Cullis, Flaudette May V Datuin, Charlie Fruean, Susan Gibb, Binghui Huangfu, Olivier Krischer and Ou Ning.

Campbelltown Arts Centre:
Campbelltown Arts Centre is a multidisciplinary contemporary arts centre located in Western Sydney. Since opening in 2005 the Centre has pioneered a contemporary arts program that engages with critical issues of our times. The Centre supports the research, development and production of new work and creates platforms for multidisciplinary arts practice.

Campbelltown Arts Centre produces international multidisciplinary contemporary arts projects that include commissions, artist residencies, publications, community projects, education and public programs to examine issues and events that influence and shape contemporary experience.

Graham ‘Nudge’ Blacklock (Australia), Ringo Bunoan (The Philippines), Cao Fei (China), Tiffany Chung (Vietnam), Elisabeth Cummings (Australia), Peter T Elers (Australia), Bonita Ely (Australia), Reena Kallat (India), Minouk Lim (Korea), Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba (Vietnam), Mike Parr (Australia), Raqs Media Collective (India), Jewyo Rhii (Korea), Song Dong (China), Verdun Walker (Australia), Yin Xiuzhen (China), MM Yu (The Philippines), Zhuang Hui (China), U-Turn / Restore Respect Waka Project Pacific communities of south west Sydney, Sepik River Project (Papua New Guinea): Raymond Dumoii, Sebastian Dumoii, Jeffry Feeger, Kawa Gita, Ishmail Gromban, Ignas Keram, Julius Koni, Junior Koni, Markus Konny, Sali Sari Mainda, Nanias Maira, Gerhard Minjan, David Saka, Kami Sakat, Francis Tongoi, Herry Waybenang, Rudolf Waybenang, Zacharias Waybenang and Hubert Yambin.

The River Project is produced by Campbelltown Arts Centre and is the key cultural and educational project of the Upper Georges River Catchment Urban Sustainability Initiative. The project is assisted by the Georges River Combined Councils Committee, NSW Environmental Trust and Arts NSW. The U-Turn / Restore Respect Waka Project is produced by South West Youth Peer Education Program (SWYPE), Mission Australia, and is supported by the Australian Government Attorney-General’s Department, Campbelltown City Council and National Australia Bank. The Sepik River Project is supported by the Oceanic Arts Society (OAS).

*Image above:
Courtesy of the artist
Photo by Jennifer Leahy

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