September 13, 2010 - Tate Etc. - #20 – Autumn issue out now
September 13, 2010

#20 – Autumn issue out now

Issue 20
Visiting and Revisiting Art, etcetera

Highlights include…
Paul Gauguin
by Nancy Ireson, Mario Vargas Llosa, Lisa Liebmann and Brooks Adams
Carol Yinghua Lu on Ai Weiwei
Studio visit: the drawings and personal collections of Rachel Whiteread
David Campany on Eadweard Muybridge
Piet Mondrian by Simon Grant
Roland Penrose‘s The Last Voyage of Captain Cook by Sarah Auld
The surrealist Peter Lanyon by Toby Treves
Joe Dunthorne muses on the Tate Archive
The Sublime Object: Nature, Art and Language
Moon drawings by Thomas Harriot

“There are tonalities which are noble and others which are vulgar, harmonies which are calm or consoling, and others which are exciting because of their boldness.” —Paul Gauguin

For the first time in 50 years, Tate Modern will showcase the first major Paul Gauguin retrospective in Britain. A former stockbroker who became one of the most loved French post-impressionist masters, Gauguin’s work has transformed modern art. TATE ETC. examines how his art relates to his personal travels, his fascination with Tahitian life, and the theme of Paradise.

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei who designed Beijing’s ‘Bird’s Nest’ Olympics stadium is no gentle character. A notable artist, commentator, activist, blogger and a powerful voice on Twitter, his art and social commentary have shocked the world. To coincide with his new installation at Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall, TATE ETC. explores the life perspectives of this controversial artist.

Find out another side of Rachel Whiteread, whose wonderfully strange sculptures of fascinating materials and form have swept the Turner and other top prizes. TATE ETC. visits her studio to learn more about her early work, her intimate drawings and her personal collection of intriguing objects.

Fusing scientific discovery with art, Eadweard Muybridge‘s time-lapse images of animals and people have inspired generations of photographers, filmmakers and writers. To coincide with Muybridge’s upcoming retrospective at Tate Modern, David Campagny sheds new light on the photographer.

The Dutch artist Piet Mondrian used to paint the walls and furniture of his studio apartment white and lined the interiors with his famous grids. What does his composition of colourful squares and lines mean? How did 1930s London change him?

In the first of a new series, TATE ETC. explores the life and times of Roland Penrose, whose Surrealist sculpture The Last Voyage of Captain Cook was first shown at the notorious First International Surrealist Exhibition in 1936.

Toby Treves discovers how much Italy has influenced the art of Peter Lanyon, the true Cornishman of the St Ives group of artists who transformed abstract expressionism in Britain during the 1950s.

Inspired by his first visit to Tate archive, Joe Dunthorne, one of the new Faber poets and author of the highly acclaimed debut novel Submarine, shares his musings.

How far does the contemporary sublime inherit and depart from the Burkean and the Romantic notions? The three-year research by the Tate – The Sublime Object: Nature, Art and Language – has unravelled new truths about contemporary art and language for the sublime.

Fascinated by the world’s first-ever moon drawings by Thomas Harriot, Galileo expert William R. Shea illustrates the importance of drawing within science and astrology.

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