August 17, 2010 - The Renaissance Society at The University of Chicago - OFTHEMOMENT: 
Annual Art Auction
August 17, 2010

Annual Art Auction

Mark Bradford, Untitled, 2010

Mixed media collage on paper, 
17 x 25 inches

Courtesy of the artist and Sikkema Jenkins & Co., New York

The Renaissance Society’s 
Annual Art Auction

September 11, 2010

The Renaissance Society is pleased to announce an online preview of OFTHEMOMENT, its annual benefit art auction. The auction contains cutting-edge art by over eighty of today’s most compelling artists, including John Armleder, Michel Auder, Walead Beshty, Mark Bradford, Raoul De Keyser, Ceal Floyer, Pamela Fraser, Ryan Gander, and Geissler+Sann, Ben Gest, Amy Granat, Uwe Henneken, Jacqueline Humphries, Jill Magid, Michele di Menna, Jonathan Monk, Victoria Morton, Dave Muller, Anthony Pearson, Falke Pisano, William Pope.L, Michel Riedel, Matt Saunders, Allan Sekula, Anna Shteynshleyger, Danh Vo, Pae White, and many others.

The online preview of the auction is on view at Advance bids are now being accepted online or by phone at (773) 702-9670 until Thursday, September 9, 2010, 5:00 p.m. CST. You do not have to be present at the auction to place an advance bid. All proceeds from the auction support The Renaissance Society’s 2010-11 exhibition season.

The Renaissance Society 5811 S. Ellis Ave. Chicago, IL 60637 (773) 702-8670

The Renaissance Society at The University of Chicago
Annual Art Auction
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