August 14, 2010 - Museum of Art in Public Spaces (KØS) - Osloo, a piece by FOS
August 14, 2010

Osloo, a piece by FOS

OSLOO A piece by FOS
6 August – 29 August 2010

In cooperation with KØS –
Museum of Art in Public Spaces
Strandgade 27
Denmark / /


The piece Osloo by Danish visual artist FOS is a floating social pavilion where 12 ‘situation-compositions’ will take place over the course of 12 nights. Each event involves a mixture of genres that creates an alternate view on a chosen subject, in this case ‘Language’. The aim of Osloo’s events is to explore the way in which language functions as a social tool.

The pavilion is open every day from 4-12 pm and functions as a public space on the harbour. The platform consists of three “stages”: a Bar, a Stage, and the Internet radio station Grotta Nuova.

Osloo events

Osloo is a continuation of FOS’ work with what he calls Social Design. In Osloo, FOS works with ‘situation-compositions’ where different genres are combined to take on the notion of ‘language’. By mixing talks, readings, music and other forms of expression, the events draw different groups of spectators to the same evenings. In bringing together different social groups, a room for public interaction is created at the pavilion. In the same way as human language is made up of various sounds that create words and meanings when combined, the events are made up from a range of separate parts that create new meanings when put together.

FOS graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 1999. Since then, he has worked with the changing conditions of the public sphere as the main direction in his artistic production.

Osloo was produced in cooperation with KØS, Museum of Art in Public Spaces,
For more information and a full program, go to or contact Head of Programme Maria Kjær Themsen or Project Coordinator Maibritt Pedersen on (+45 24252376).

KØS: Museum of Art in Public Spaces

Museum of Art in Public Spaces (KØS)
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