July 15, 2010 - SH Contemporary - Conferences and debates
July 15, 2010

Conferences and debates

Conferences and debates
9-12 September 2010

Shanghai Exhibition Centre
No.1000 Yan An Road (Middle)
Shanghai 200040


ShContemporary is hosting two conferences that tackle the most pressing issues regarding collecting contemporary art today. The first conference challenges major institutions to face up to questions regarding their collections of Asian art; and the second conference asks how value is constructed and then consumed by the contemporary art system.

Collecting Asian Contemporary Art: What, When, and How?

On 9 September, directors of prominent international museums shall meet to discuss the future of Asian contemporary art collections. The conference is organized by Chinese born curator and critic Hou Hanru in collaboration with ShContemporary.

Identifying a complex cocktail of issues in Asia including the relationship between new thriving economies and pervasive art speculation, the lack of professionalism in Asian museums, and Western cultural fetishism towards Asian contemporary art, Hou Hanru has invited a panel to bring up provocative thoughts and proposals to deal with a wide range of questions, including the following:

What’s a public institution today, in the age of the commoditisation of art?
− How do specific visions and strategies for collecting affect the missions of different museums, especially in the context of Asian contemporary art?
− How can collecting contemporary art affect public policy when increasing attention is paid to the production of culture and art by public authorities?
− Why collect Asian contemporary art, in the end? And what will be an ideal museum for it?

Speakers include:

Kathy Halbreich – Deputy Director, MoMA, NY; Frances Morris – Head of Collections (International Art), Tate, London; Alexandra Monroe – Senior Curator of Asian Art, Solomon Guggenheim Museum, NY; Wang Huangsheng – Director, CAFA Art Museum, Beijing; He Juxing – Director, Mingsheng Art Museum, Shanghai; Tan Boon Hui – Director, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore; Suhanya Raffel – Head of Asian and Pacific Art, Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane; Raiji Kuroda – Chief Curator, Fukuoka Art Musem, Fukuoka; Uli Sigg – private collector, Switzerland; Guan Yi – private collector, Beijing

An Exhibition and Conference

As rising economies in Asia give birth to new art markets where artist prices can grow a hundred fold in just a few years, the question of what gives art its value seems an important issue to discuss with new collectors. Since the art market has become larger than ever before, it also wields more power to determine what is deemed valuable. However, the relationship between art and value is just as complex today as it has always been, and the clarity provided by the art market is only part of a matrix of meanings that the word value has.

The exhibition
Discoveries: Re-Value is a group show of 25 artists curated by Mami Kataoka, Manray Hsu, and Colin Chinnery at ShContemporary that asks pertinent questions about the meaning of value from different perspectives: a show that questions the nature of the art market within its own commercial context.

The Conference
Re-Value: The Construction and Consumption of Value in Contemporary Art is a conference hosted by UACC & ArtTactic in collaboration with ShContemporary. Split between two sessions, the seminar will first invite representatives from museums, art journals, foundations, auction houses and galleries to discuss the art system that constructs value from art; and then invites collectors to discuss value from the other side – those who recognize and consume the value in art.

CDP – Asia Pacific Collector Development Programme
This series of conferences and debates on collecting art is part of ShContemporary’s special long-term project, CDP, which aims to help educate and stimulate a new generation of collectors in China through events, tours, and publications.


9th-12th September 2010
Shanghai Exhibition Centre
No.1000 Yan An Road (Middle)
Shanghai 200040

Press contacts:

Press Office – Asia
Sophie Wang

Press Office – Europe, Americas, Middle East
Eva Altosaar


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