May 8, 2010 - 49 Nord 6 Est – Frac Lorraine - Within the Shadow of a Doubt
May 8, 2010

Within the Shadow of a Doubt

Knut Åsdam
Untitled: Pissing, 1995
© Courtesy of the artist and of Serge Le Borgne gallery, Paris

Within the Shadow of a Doubt
8 May – 29 August 2010

Opening: Friday, 7 May, 7 pm

Extended hours
Monday 10 May & Tuesday 11 May, 12 – 9 pm
1bis rue des Trinitaires
F-57000 Metz
Tel.: 0033 (0)3 87 74 20 02
info [​at​]

In the shadow of a doubt, and in its vicinity, we find selected pieces from a collection that ordinarily resists the discrete charms of display. These recently acquired works are the reason why the institution has ceased to function as a place of consecration in order to transform into a space of experimentation, a ground open to all kinds of critical maneuvers and operations.

The works belonging to the FRAC Lorraine collection assume the form of deambulation across imaginary spheres which divide the world into material and immaterial, into reality and its fictional representation. Following a skillfully orchestrated scenario, the visit underscores complex relationships between the body, works of art, and the museum space (the play of attraction, fear, and seduction), and dissolves the ambiguous boundaries between discourse and its beliefs. By detecting psychological mechanisms of reception and assimilation tied to the intensity of real and imagined bodily sensations (Décosterd & Rahm, M. Bonvicini or A.V. Janssens), these works provoke auto-performative experiences in the visitor who has become an actor in this ephemeral story.

Alongside those intense experiences, the works of K. Sander, E. Dekyndt, and C. McCorkle, with their subtle visibility, mark out an autonomous, infinite territory, a sort of cartography of desire, in Deleuzian sense of the word. Then come strictly oral interventions (I. Wilson, Beier & Lund, Dector & Dupuy) which raise the historical question of transmission of knowledge and its validity in visual and performance arts.

Finally, the return of the repressed, of the concealed, constitutes another pivotal point of reflection, tied to the notion of intimacy endangered by our society (M. de Boer). Several artists (D. García, arT errOriste, T. Mouraud) come to question the connection between seeing (video surveillance) and power, and the implications of this omnipresent gaze. Voyeuristic gaze and the exhibitionist temptation, along with an incitation to perversion, are close at hand.

Designed as a sort of manifesto of the impossibility to materialize a thought in an object, In the shadow of a doubt treats the exhibition as a protocol for experiences, making it possible to encounter works of art in action and in “re-action”. The life-force of the works has been restored.

ARTISTS (collection / Production Frac Lorraine) :
Ignasi Aballí, arT errOriste, Nina Beier & Marie Lund, Manon de Boer, Monica Bonvicini, Décosterd & Rahm, Dector & Dupuy, Edith Dekyndt, Susanna Fritscher, Dora García, Thierry Hesse, Ann Veronica Janssens, Jirí Kovanda, Isabelle Krieg, Corey McCorkle, Liliana Motta, Tania Mouraud, Nik Thoenen et Maia Gusberti, Mario Garcia Torres, Karin Sander, Ian Wilson

49 NORD 6 EST – Frac Lorraine, 1bis rue des Trinitaires, Metz
Admission free. Open Wednesday to Sunday from 12-7pm
Group visits in english on request Tel.: 00 33(0)3 87 74 55 00


Friday, May 7 at 7 pm & 8.45 pm

Death is certain
Eva Meyer-Keller, design / Irina Müller, performance

Admission: free. Reservation required (limited seating of 45).
Tel.: 00 33 (0)3 87 74 20 02 / Email: info@fraclorraine. org


The Fonds régional d’art contemporain de Lorraine, a member of Platform network, enjoys financial backing from the Lorraine Regional Council and the Lorraine Region Cultural Affairs Department (DRAC) at the Ministry of Culture and Communication.

49 Nord 6 Est – Frac Lorraine
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