April 30, 2010 - springerin - 2/2010: Intermedia 2.0 out now
April 30, 2010

2/2010: Intermedia 2.0 out now

springerin 2/2010: Intermedia 2.0
springerin – Hefte für Gegenwartskunst


It is impossible to imagine art nowadays without the kind of interdisciplinary and multi-media approaches that began to play a key role in the 1960s. Since then, sculpture, sound, film, theatre, performance and many other branches have embarked on a broad spectrum of different kinds of fusion with pictorial forms. Recently, such “inter-mediality” has been given an additional boost thanks to new notions of creativity. It might be argued, albeit somewhat over-stating the point, that media-specific working methods have been replaced by more overarching types of production that short-circuit fairly disparate realms with each other. “Inter-creativity”, a paradigm of working methods located in the zone between individual disciplines, has begun to take the place of traditional models of creativity. “Intermedia 2.0″, produced in cooperation with Vienna’s “departure” initiative, examines the potentials and promises to be found in these broader concepts of media and creativity.


Christian Höller: The Promise of Media De-Limitation
Alexander Horwath in Conversation with Eva Fischer about Visualizations of Music
Christa Benzer: Visualizing Classical Music – “Hugo Wolf Festival 2010″
Roundtable with VJs and Visualists Participating in the “Hugo Wolf Festival 2010″
Diedrich Diederichsen: Hatred of “Regietheater” and the New Tendency towards Opera
Christian von Borries: Strategies of the Common – Music, Opera, Politics
numen/for use: Intercreative Textures
Georg Schöllhammer in Conversation with Artist Markus Schinwald
Barbara Lesák: Frederick Kiesler’s Works for Theater
Jasper Sharp: In Two Minds – Creativity and Collaboration
Anne Hilde Neset: Sound Bleed – Music in Other Media
Thomas Keul: From Audio Book to “Visualized” Book
Kathrin Röggla & 4youreye: “die ansprechbare” – Example of a Visualized Reading
Christoph Thun-Hohenstein: The Importance of Intercreativity

Artscribe: Reviews about “Gender Check” (Mumok Vienna), “Afro Modern” (Tate Liverpool), Nasreen Mohamedi (Kunsthalle Basel), Luis Camnitzer (Daros Zurich), “Niet Normaal” (De Beurs van Berlange Amsterdam), plus many more.

Contact: springerin@springerin.at


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